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Aries was the bringer of sorrow, yet he was also the carrier and keeper of warmth. He was also the creator of such rivalries as the one Capricorn and Cancer shared. It all started one day when he saw how his fire burned straight through Capricorn's earth and left small pieces of earth- what you and i would call ash today- and decided to play a trick on Libra using these little pieces of earth. First he started a fire underneath Libra's cloud kingdom, ,then he threw in some tree branches before running off to his own fire palace. He could hear the screams from forever away.

"...caaaaPPPPRRICORRRRNNNN!" Libra screamed out angrily. Aries laughed as he heard a loud clunk. Oh, I gotta see this, he thought. He went to see what had happened. What he found was far too funny to be real.

" Hey, Aries," Capricorn murmured from under the stack of trees that had fallen on top of him. "Give a brother a hand?" Aries just laughed and burnt through all the trees. "Thanks," Capricorn muttered sheepishly.

Capricorn was sitting in his cave for several days after this incident crying his eyes out. Aries was very satisfied- not because of his brother's grief, but because of the payment he had received. Somewhere out there, a beach blond beauty was laughing maniacally at this great misfortune. They'll never figure it out, she thought. But, then again, every lie comes to surface at some point. And Ms. Cancer would soon find out exactly how cruel Karma can be.

But, my children and friends, Karma first found the manipulated evil-doer of this cruelty: Aries.