The stars twinkled in the night sky, overlooking the cab of the young college student. Nights had been hard for him, with the college classes being so late. He yawned as he sat in the cab waiting for it to bypass the New York traffic. The highway was incredibly busy. 'It's friday, the busiest day in the world.' He thought. He tried to force himself to fall asleep, but the traffic was too loud and disruptive.

The man finally made it to his apartment building. He payed the cab driver then went up the stairs to his building. He took out the key to his house and opened his door, letting out a little sigh of satisfaction. His dog, Axel, a two month old German Shepard puppy, scurried up to him. He picked the dog up and set him back down when the rest of his energy depleted.

He flew through his nightly routine, taking a shower and brushing his teeth, getting ready for the new day ahead of him. He layed in his bed, adjusting his boxers as he does so. He got himself comfortable in his bed and exhaled. He closes his eyes, but groans as his cell phone begins to ring.

"Hello." He said impatiently.

"Hey." He scrambled up at the sound of the girl's voice.

"Hey." The man said. He ran his hand in his dirty-blond hair, and berated himself for his short-temper.

"Is this a good time to talk?" She asked nervously. Her voice was shaky and evidence of distress was obvious.

"It's uh... perfect.: He replied, taking a quick glace at the digital clock on his night-stand. 12:30 A.M., and he had work the next day, but he stayed on the phone regardless. "Is something wrong?"

"No everything's fine, just fine." Her voice wandered off.

"You know I'm sorry right? I didn't mean for any of this to happen." His voice lowered, going softer and his body relaxed; he needed to get that off of his chest and he felt much better that he did.

"I know." She kept it short. "Hey, I have to go, one can only sneak on the phone for so long."


"Well good night David, love you." She replied and David smiled to himself. Love you, something he hadn't heard from her in a long time.

"Love you too, and good night to you also." He said and he heard her release a sigh. "Oh, and Eryka?"

"Yeah." She said, with a slight nervousness.

"It gets better." A smile formed on his lips as the words came from his mouth.

"Yeah, but when?" His smile slowly dissipatated because of the unwanted reply.

The line died; David sat listening to the whining tone. He put the phone down quickly after and reached for the lamp. He felt Axel jump on the bed. The dog rest itself on the pillow next to the young man's head and readily dozed off.

"Why can't life be easier?" He whispered to no one in particular. His hands lay behind his head and he let out another sigh. He fought the overbearing sleep so he could continue to think a little bit longer, but he couldn't. He lost consciousness, resting his body for another day tomorrow.

David walked through the employees entrance of his workplace. He tied his green apron, with the logo "Coffee Tavern" over his white t-shirt. He clocked in and started his round of cleaning off the tabletops and counters.

"Dave!" His co-worker, Jackson, yelled out excitedly. "How's it going?" He invaded David's personal space and slapped his back.

"Please back up." David commanded to the excitable black man.

"Don't be such a downer." Jackson chuckled and walked away. David's eyes averted to the bulletin board while cleaning a counter closest to it.

He'd always been drawn to the board even if nothing on it interested him; something was enlightening to him about the events people attended.

He saw something for a men's book club, trying to draw in "manly men who like to exercise their eyes." It showed a picture of an over glorified, muscled man, that had been lazily pasted on the paper, with a simple copy and paste tactic. His eyes gazed and wandered for nothing in particular. He was instantly drawn to a white sheet of paper with plain, black lettering.

The mundane nature of the paper was a stark contrast to the vibrant ads and colorful posters. It was white with bold letters and announced free counseling sessions. 'Counseling? I don't need counseling.' He thought. David stared at the paper for a little while longer and pulls off the first tore off, with the phone number and address. He didn't understand why, but he knew he was going to call.

The front door opened and the the first customer of the day entered.

"Hey Mary! I have your regular preparing." Jackson shouted to the lady.