Chapter 1:

10 years ago, Unknown location, 11:11 p.m.

Blank, dull, brown orbs looked at the bleeding corpse in front, at the frozen shock, and lifeless blue eyes that marred the grey oval face, they blinked three times and light shone within those bland brown eyes, turning them into a pair of velvety golden almond shaped eyes with tiny scarlet specks dancing inside. They widened in horror, a pale brown hand lifted and stopped right before those pair of eyes, they were painted glittering red, a silent scream forming in cherry colored lips, "wh-wha-what have I done?", a musical voice questioned, small hands grasping dark long locks of hair, "why is Marlin here?, why is he looking at me like that? What happened to my hands, I don't remember using paint today? Why are-Oh be quite already will ya?"….."Who are you?" "Why... have you forgotten me? Darling Aras, it's me Ainesey your very own personal ringiez"…. "My what?" "….don't worry about it right now sweetheart just go to sleep, everything shall be known to you once your truly ready, sadly that's not now….but soon, I'll be waiting" "wha-?" and with that the pretty little girl fell unconscious , and welcomed the beating black pulses of pain coursing through her delicate form…..

Present, West Mile High School, 10:00 a.m.

"Ahhhhh! No! Please stop, don't hurt me, leave me alone!" screamed a petite 15 year old girl "Please…. just leave me alone" she sobbed in a raspy voice. Mocking laughter met her fragile ears, "And why should we listen to a piece of garbage like you?" questioned one of her torturers, she looked up and met his water green eyes, searched deep within them, smirking diabolically inside. She forced thick tears to form on the edges of her wide amber eyes and decided to taunt them. "Please! I beg you just go away! Don't get any closer!" she yelled, knowing that would just encourage them to do the exact opposite, really she was giving them a chance, a chance to change their sick ways, to regret all they had done to those poor innocent children, but of course being the pigs they were made them blind to her small opening. Which was fine with her, she only took the most blackest and sickest of souls, the most rottened with vile deeds, she wasn't a particularly bad person, but then again she wasn't a white dove either, she was more on the in-between, in the middle; the one who kept balance, never stepping on the clearest and most kindest of paths, never venturing through the forest of lust and desire. She was fine the way she was, being the keeper of Ringiez, its master and tamer, and it was about time she fed her anyways.