Chapter 2 :

The morning sunlight streamed in through the wide glass window on the side of the bed. It was in a small room that reeked of blood and sweat, the bundle on the bed moved and off slid the bright green velvet blanket. About the only thing that covered the little white twin mattress; a surprisingly clean bed of pure white as soft as a marshmallow. A groan echoed through the almost empty room, long, slender limbs untangling from each other, and there stood a girl with nothing but plain black panties and a baggy white shirt.

She yawned, stretching her arms over her head and hearing a satisfying 'pop'. Turning she caught a look of herself in the mirror. Long silky unruly black hair that stopped unevenly to her hips, a sheen of red glowing around it; resembling a halo. A soft heart shaped face that held a pair of mesmerizing pools of gold, where if you looked close enough you could see tiny specks of crimson floating about, framed by thick, long lashes that spread over the top lid and arched at the end, making them appear cat-like, the smaller dark lashes on the bottom making it appear as if it were lined with black coal. And a pair of plumb rose bud pink lips, pulled back to form a sweet smile, then after three seconds twisted in a snarling manner; showing off sharp pearly colored teeth.

"My, what fools we mortals be", walking to the bathroom and closing the door shut. Silence then ruled the area until the door once again opened to reveal the same tall teenage girl now fully dressed in loose black cargo pants, a tucked in white polo shirt clad in a large grey sweatshirt, and neon blue converse. The long dark hair now tied back into a tight braid, with silver thick-lensed glasses sitting on the bridge of her nose. With a large sigh she opened the door and walked in an even smaller kitchen if that was even possible.

Opening the fridge and taking out a lunch box she put it inside her brown book bag, silently hoping it wouldn't open and spill all over her books. With that she closed the front door shut and walked outside humming to a song that she'd listened to last night on the radio. She was almost there. Where? You might ask. Well to her school, West Mile High School to be more exact. The place where her 'tormentors' could pick on her more freely, she shuddered just thinking about it. But not of fear, oh no definitely not fear, what she felt was excitement, and hunger much, much hunger.