The Autism Series: Treated Like a Child.

A blank face betraying none of my anger
and cold, calm eyes burning with fury.
Icy palpable fury.

Treated like a child, unable to speak.
Feeling like an adult, patronised and shunned.
Looking like an innocent, happy young man.
My anger builds and builds.

He knows I am not stupid,
he knows I can do whatever I put my mind to,
he knows I am autistic, though
thus treats me like a child.

I understand he does not understand
I know his knowing is tough
But I think that he doesn't think.

And that annoys me.
White-hot, icy-cold rage.

And just a hint of grief.

I'm sad for the man I remember.
I miss the man I knew.
Because now there's only a husk,
dry and cold, of the man I knew
and the friend I loved.

Gone like leaves on the wind.
Like smoke in my fingers.

If only he could return.
If only the smoke of his kindness and love could
flow back into that dry, cold husk.

Author's Note: The lesson I am trying to teach in this poem is that you should never treat an autistic person as a child. You should never let them think that you no longer love then. Never treat them like they are less worthy than a non-autistic person. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope that you will leave me lovely and informative reviews [hint, hint].