Angel Sound

I felt horrible. My girlfriend has left me. My music career is about to go down the drain. I was finished. If I could not come up with a new hit then I would be on the streets this time next week.

I put my headphones down and left the studio. I walked the short way to the café down the street. They sold the best coffee. I needed something good right now.

They were closing in five minutes so they gave me a coffee to go. I sat at a table anyway. The table was in the shadows and out of the way. I held my hand poise with a pencil, ready to right down some notes. None came.

I based myself in modern music with opera voice. People loved it. Until my girlfriend left me. Now it was all sad. I had a week before I get fired.

Then I heard it.

It was the most perfect, angelic and beautiful voice I had ever heard. It sounded like the tinkle of soft bells. It was soft on the ears and you could barely hear it yet it demanded attention. It was the voice of an angel.

A woman in her twenties with platinum blonde hair and pale green eyes was singing – amazingly – one of my songs. It was the most difficult one I had ever written. More than half the notes were just machine made. Yet she was singing it like it was nothing. Like it was just something to pass the time. Even the original singer hated the song because she could hardly sing it.

It was then that I realised that the café had closed. I did not move. She was too perfect. Someone up there was messing with me. They were sending me my dream singer only to take her away.

Only one way to find out.

I stood up and walked over to her.

"Hi." I murmured. She smiled at me with the most sweetest smile I had ever seen.

"How would you like a new job?" I asked.

"That was great! You're hired, Miss…?" I ventured. I held out my hand for hers.

"Harper. Annabel Harper." She told me as she shook my hand.

"Jason Horn."

"The music producer?" She seemed genially surprised.

"Yes." I wanted to hug her. This woman could save my career. End of story. She could help me keep my job for the rest of my life. She was a gift from God himself.