Autumn decided to apologize to Ashley for overreacting. For caring. She took a deep breath and stepped into the room. "Hey, Ash-"

"It's okay. We'll do it together and whatever." Ashley was on the treadmill, with Beats, listening to a song.

"Oh, okay…when do we leave?"

"Soon. I'll give you the signal when we need to leave. You remember how many target?"


"So one for each of us. Cool."

"I guess…"

Ashley pressed the stop button on the treadmill, set her Beats on her shoulders, and gave a long glance at Autumn.


"Since when have you not been sure? It's only been 64 hours, 16 minutes, and 1 second…since our last mission!"

"Since our best friend, no, scratch that. Our sister died. It's not the same without them."

Ashley looked down. "It isn't…and I'm feeling depressed. But don't forget your priorities." She then pushed past Autumn, hot, angry tears falling down her cheeks.

Autumn reached her hand out to Ashley. "Ashley…"

Ashley turned back and glared a hole through Autumn. "What is it, Cones?"

"Ashley, please…I…just…yes, I won't forget my priorities."

Her glare softened, and she nodded. "You shouldn't. Just don't speak of them. Wel'lll get revenge. For…Taryn, Amber, Kaitlyn, and Anise."

"Of course…Ashes."

Ashley smirked. "Bringing back my nickname so soon?"

Autumn smiled. "But of course, Ashes. You have made a legend, killing all, and producing ashes."

Ashley looked at Autumn with sorrow. "I…I couldn't have done it without Tayrn." Then she put her Beats back to their place and walked away, leaving her presence behind.

Autumn fell to her knees, her view of the world blurring quickly with tears.

"Are…Are you alright?" Autumn looked up, wiping her eyes to see one of the new girls.

What was her name? Autumn thought. "Thanks for wondering…" Autumn had a look on her face that showed she was prone to figure out the girl's name. After several minutes, Autumn had a look of defeat.

"I-I'm April."

"Right. Blonde hair, blue eyes, "6'3"."

"How'd you know I was "6'3"?" She asked, afraid, yet intrigued by Autumn's accuracy.

"Remember I'm a spy, an assassin. Call it what you want, but I'm trained for that." Autumn stretched her arms over her head and looked at April.

April had a frustrated, steamy expression after Autumn's comment."

"What?" Autumn asked, clueless.

April's eyebrows furrowed together. "Because we're part of the team now! I'm your team member! I am what you are! Don't just say that oh, I'm just a spy, an assassin. It's what I'm trained for! I was trained too! I'm not an idiot, you know! If I was, I wouldn't be here!" April's cheeks flushed and her hands were clenched in tight, sweaty fists. She mumbled a swear word under her breath.

Autumn's eyes widened at the scene in front of her. She hadn't realized how much of a jerk she was until her friends, new ones and old, opened her eyes. Ashley tried just minutes ago, without being direct. "I apologize, April, for my very rude actions."

April was taken aback that Autumn would apologize, but only for a second. "No, I'm sorry. My temper got the best of me. Again." April groaned. She then smiled eagerly. "When do we start our mission?"

Autumn shrugged. "I don't know. Ask Ashley."

"We start tomorrow." Came a reply from the doorway. Ashley's expression was stony, yet her eyes were red and her cheeks clearly rubbed with a tissue, trying to get rid of the evidence that tears were there, but the practically bleeding cheeks only gave more proof of the fact that there was crying involved.

Autumn didn't dare comment about her tear-stained cheeks. "You should stop pretending you're so tough when you know you're not, Ashes."

Ashley glared at Autumn and ran towards her. Autumn thrust her arms out, as if to hug Ashley, but Ashley jumped, and kicked Autumn's jaw.

"Aw, crap! What was that for?"

"Thinking that I, Agent Ashes can't be tough. Why would you think that?

Autumn looked down. "I…don't know. Just…let's get ready for tomorrow."

Ashley nodded, and left the room.

April's mouth gaped open.

Autumn's eyes lingered on April before she said anything. "What's wrong?"

"I like her. She's awesome. So feisty, like me. You're so boring, Autumn." April waltzed out of the room, happy to find someone she actually likes in that new environment.

Autumn sighed and laid her head on the cold tile, trying not to think. She was so tired from all the drama that just happened, so she just closed her eyes and quickly dozed off.