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Just Minutes Before…

"Keijon, what are you doing?"

"I saw Ashley jump out the window."

Knowing Ashley, she'd do that. "I-Is she okay?"

"I don't know! That's what I'm trying to find out! Now, hide." They both hid behind the bushes. They saw everything. The catch, the confession, everything. Then a squirrel came by and rustled the bushes.

"Who's there?" Ashley started jogging. This is what Autumn and Keijon call running. Ashley's super fast, and super light. Autumn and Keijon scrambled towards the thick oak tree. They tried going opposite ways, but ended up hitting each other and kissing.

Ashley saw them and turned away. Why didn't Keijon just let go of me?! "Cal…I say yes to your confession. The answer is obvious that Keijon doesn't like me. At all."

Keijon looked over at Ashley and broke the accidental kiss. His eyes were filled with pain, and he whispered. "That's not it, Ashley. I'm just too scared to love you. Unlike Cal…maybe he's right for you…"

Autumn shook with anger and she whispered furiously. "That's not it! She cried thinking about you on the airplane, she has genuine feelings for you, and I just know it. But as of this moment, she is unsure about her feelings for you. And so, she could possibly develop feelings for Cal. But…I have faith in you, I believe you can do it."

Ashley sobbed into Cal's chest. "My chances are low. I just kissed you and Cal's comforting her."

Autumn blushed slightly. "You didn't exactly kiss me. We just bumped into each other."

He smiled painfully at the ground. "That's what she doesn't know. I hope she'll understand. I hope we'll get together…because we didn't be-I mean…I hope we'll get together."

"I already know you met her from before. She told me. I just said that minutes ago, dope."

"Yeah…knowing her, she won't listen to me or you."

Autumn smiled. "But we still love her, the one and only, Ashley."

Keijon smiled. "What…what happened to her? She seems different from…before."

Autumn looked away. "Let's just say she lost a lot."

"A lot of what?"

"Important people."

"Who are they?"

"Her parents, Taryn, and…you."

"She hasn't lost me…I still love her. She was my first and is my first spark. You can only get your first spark once. Once you lose that spark…" Keijon trailed off.

Autumn smiled. "I know that feeling. I'm pretty sure Terrance is my first spark, but I'm not his first spark."

Keijon looked at her. "Then, he's not truly in love with you."

Autumn had a feeling that this was true, that Terrance didn't feel the same as she did, but she denied it.

Autumn bit her lip and closed her watering eyes. "No, no…I…I believe in him!"

Keijon didn't make a move to comfort her. "You know it's true…you just deny it."

How did he know? Ah, what does he know? "What are you talking about? You don't know anything about me."

"But yet, I do. And, you don't love him back."

That was her last nerve. She slapped his cheek hard. His cheek burned red for a moment. His eyes widened, shocked. She jogged away and her eyes searched for Ashley, but alas, Ashley was gone. The only thing left were their muddy footsteps. She fell down to the ground. "Ashley…I didn't mean to…he's a jerk…"

"Interesting…are you talking about Keijon? I already knew that."

Autumn grinned and rose to give Ashley a hug. Ashley set her hand on Autumn's forehead to keep her from getting near. "I refuse to hug you. And that was your decision to be with him, to be with a jerk. To lose my trust wasn't controlled by me. It was by you. It's not up to me whether I trust you, your decisions overrule that. Your decision made me not trust you. I don't have to emphasize that anymore, do I? Now, the only trust I have left for you is when it's necessary. Even then, it will still be a huge façade.

Autumn fell back down and cried. "I just lost my sisters. You were the only one left. And I blew it! I blew it…"

"Indeed, you did," Ashley turned around and walked towards the school. "Maybe you'll earn it back, but I doubt that. You stole my spark. And you only get one spark. It'll never be the same after that."

Autumn bit her lip and yelled. "I don't believe that and I didn't steal your spark! I told you I didn't, which means I didn't!"

Ashley's gaze only hardened. "How can I keep your word, Autumn?"

Tears streaked down Autumn's cheek. "Y-you can though. B-because I'm telling the truth. I swear I am."

Ashley smiled, with pain, no doubt. "Those moments that never come twice even if they disappear in the heart, they still remain pure with the memory of my first love."


Ashley looked at the sky, blinking back tears. "I haven't forgotten one bit. But he has. Here," Ashley took off the forgotten cap, kneeled down, and set it in Autumn's hands. "He'll want this. It's his, after all. Whether he wants it or not."

Autumn face-palmed herself and slapped the cap on Ashley's head, who was bewildered. "Do it yourself. I'm not doing something you should be doing."

Ashley gave a sad smile, one she has grown accustomed to, and nodded. "I guess."

Autumn rolled her eyes. "You know you want to."

"But…I'm with Cal."

"That was a spur of the moment. I don't think it counts."

Ashley smiled genuinely. "Let's go together, shall we?"

They went up to the classroom and Ashley walked over to Keijon. Ashley took of the cap and fidgeted with it. "Hi, Keijon-"

"You can keep that shitty cap. I don't fucking give a crap." He breezed past her.

Her eyes brimmed with tears. Her knees buckled and she hugged the cap to her chest. Autumn touched her shoulder and she snapped, her security on high. "Look what happened!" She stood up abruptly and unsteadily ran away.