By: Savannah

This story is one that will keep you up at night, scared to death. Erik is a normal 20 year old guy, except for a few minor quirks; He's gay and there's also something inside of him waking. Something dangerous. The urge to kill and show no mercy. His parents have been saying things when they thought he wasn't listening like, "It's almost time" and "What do we do when it happens". What Erik doesn't realize is that he comes from a long line of grim reapers. A few months ago, on his twentieth birthday, he received a book. A "log" as his parents call it. He had no need for a log or se he thought so. So he threw it in his drawer and forgot about it. It's been six months since his twentieth birthday. This is the day that change him forever.

"Erik? Why don't you go f*ck yourself in the bathroom?"

Steve made Erik so mad that he could just snap his head off. All he does is go on and on about how he is gay. He's the only one that cares, and it's really non of his business whether he is or not. He continued his walk down the hallway as usual. The final school bell rang and he walked out of the school door, not realizing that this would be the last time he would be able to go to school. Ever.