Ch. 5

Something Sporky?

Erik laughed nervously. "I may have wrote your name down on my log…"

Charlie laughed. "That's it? Ha! That's easily taken care of. We just have to bind ourselves together, swearing that we shall kill everyone together, and always love each other."

Erik nodded. "How do we do this so called, 'binding'?"

"Drink each others blood. Simple as that."

"O.K., lets do it." Erik bit his wrists and black blood came out in globs. Charlie bit his own wrist and blue blood came out. They drank each others blood for a while and somehow ended up all tangled up in each other. "Well, that was surprisingly, erotic…" Erik blurted out when he could.

Charlie picked up Erik's log. "My name's not here anymore, Erik." They laughed.

"So, it was you that killed Steve? Huh?"

"Yes, I did. Why were you fond of him?" Charlie nodded.

"He was like my brother. He's been my best friend for forever."

"I am sorry. I got caught up in the moment. He just kept on making fun of me so… I killed him." Charlie nodded and started crying. "We need to come up with someone else to kill. Maybe a girl? Maybe… Mindy Wright?" They nodded. Erik grabbed his log and wrote, Mindy Wright, on the second line he wrote, November 19, 2010. They shut off the lights and went to bed.

The next day, they woke up and grabbed their sporks to go kill Mindy. Mindy was at a Cheer Camp and they walked through the front gates which were oddly not supervised. They walked over to Mindy, who was with a girl named Briana. "You want to go 'party' with me and Charlie in room 666?" She nodded and they walked to the room. They stabbed her with their sporks until she was a bloody heap on the floor. Then, Erik and Charlie heard a scream coming from a couple rooms over. They ran to the door and opened it and saw Briana on the floor in a bloody pile with a girl standing next to her with a spoon. "What the hell?" Charlie asked. "How did you… what?"

"Um… I killed her with a spoon." She said.

"ehh.. Not possible. Spoons aren't sharp.

She nodded. "They are if you stab them hard enough, and plus, it was either this or a carrot. So.. The spoon! I would've been stupid to use a carrot!"