Chapter 1

This was the life. My life. I was sitting behind a desk. My feet were on that desk and my hands were behind my head. The picture of relaxation. I was the boss. I was a full detective. I took whatever job I wanted. I listened to no one.

"Matt, take that missing child case. Now. Ora." I listened to no one but Rose. Who often repeated herself in Italian.

"But Rose..." She cut me off.

"No buts il mio fratellino. Here is the file." She put it on my desk before she turned around.

"Feet off the desk." She said as she walked out. Il mio fratellino was Italian for 'my little brother'. Rose and I were not related but we loved each other enough that even the age differance did not matter.

As long as I kept her age to myself. She is 42 but you did not hear it from me. Mainly because she is an assassin. A Moon Assassin. She was behind the murder of Danny - her ex and a murderer - and a few more. All bad guys, no innocents.

I got up and walked through to Rose's office. Rose sat at her desk, typing on her computer. She had a lot of files on her desk. Mostly in the 'finished box'. Mind you, she had been doing this for years.

Her hair was raven black and her eyes were a darkish grey. Her skin was a fair tan that her sister - Ali - bullied Rose for as she could not tan. I was almost her opposite with my red hair and green eyes. That and I was tall, Rose needed heels.

Rose looked up at me and took off her black glasses. She only got them recently. Apparently I was to blame since my computer is brighter than most. I truly had no idea.

"What's up il mio fratellino?" She asked, her Italian accent was thick. After eight years it was natural for her. I sat down.

"Nothing much mia sorella maggiore. Just want to know if you are up for a movie tonight?" Mia sorella maggiore was around all the Italian I knew. It meant 'my big sister', Ali said that I was pronouncing it better.

"Sorry but I have a date tonight." She said.

"The same mystery guy?"


"Five real dates. It must be love, eh?" I grinned. Good. The last time she almost got killed. I hope Danny is in hell right now. If not I would grab him by the scruff of the neck and drag him down.

"Maybe. Forse." She sighed. I frowned.

"What do you mean 'maybe'?" I asked, reaching out and taking a hold of her hand.

"Oh il mio fratellino, he is such a pig! All of his jokes are insulting to women! He even leaves me to deal with pigs on my own. He even pretends that he does not know me!" She scowled at a memory.

"Then why do you keep going out with him?"

"Everytime I say no or that I have plans he becomes even more of a maiale and says that I should cancel as he is more important. Lui importante!" She stood and paced as her hands became fists.

"You are an assassin. Why not do something?" I asked but I had a feeling that I already knew the answer.

"I am not a murderer and he is an innocent. Besides, I cannot kill for my own purposes." She shook her head sadly. Like she was trying to find a loophole in the rules and coming up blank.

"Rose, can you do me a favor?" She paused.

"What is it il mio fratellino?" She looked at me, concerned.

"Where are you meeting him?"

"That cafe by the lake. Perché, why?" She asked. I handed her my keys.

"Go to my place tonight and we will watch a movie, your choice." I smiled. Her eyes narrowed.

"Matt... what are you planning?" She asked. I smirked at her before walking out.