Chapter 17

I stood outside of the huge building thinking of a lie. I would go with the truth, I decided. Maybe the woman would tell me how she knew we would be there.

I knocked on the door and waited. Then I knocked again... and again... I tried the handle. The door was open.

Inside was a mess. Tables were toppled over, vases were smashed, paintings were on the floor, papers were scattered everywhere... blood was on the stairs...

I took the stairs two at a time. Only one door was open...

I stood beside Will as the police searched for clues. A dead body had been found and since Rose was out doing her own thing I had to help. The body had a piece of paper with an address on it. The police and I were going to go and search the place.

My mobile vibrated in my pocket. Rose.

"Hey. Where are you?" I asked.

"Remember when we got arrested?" I was still holding a grudge. Never mind Zoe.


"I'm with the woman but... she's dead." What?

"What do you mean 'dead'?" I asked.

"I mean that there is a big knife in her heart. That's not all. The killer left a piece of paper with an address on it."

"Funny 'cause same here. I am with the police so chances are that the address you have is a hoax." I said.

"In that case take the police and check out you address. I will check mine and then come and find you, okay?"

"Sure." I told her the address and hung up.

We arrived at a tall building. Will gave me a gun and with the police we made our way to the tenth floor. We came across room 302 and prepared for the worst.

We suddenly entered the room with our guns drawn. The murderer was not there. One lone note hung on the wall. I scanned over it. No... It can't be! I bolted out of the door.

"What's with him?" I heard someone say. I did not care. I just kept running. I ran down the steps, leapt over the rail and as I exited the door I unlocked my car and lunged inside. I turned on the engine as I closed the door. I forgot to put on my seat belt.

I drove as fast as I could. Stuff the police. I had to keep going. I will keep going. This reminded me of what happened eight years ago. She will be fine. She must be fine.

I broke the speed limit. I did not care. I kept going. My knuckles were white and sore as I gripped the steering wheel. My foot was flat on the floor. I heard crashing behind me. Opps.

My car skidded to a halt. I left my door open as I sprinted into the building. I ran up the stairs, floor after floor after floor passed me as I tried to reach the top in time. She will be fine. I will help her. It cannot be too late.

I burst into the only room on the top floor. No one was there. Then I looked down. Time slowed to a stop. My heartbeat, my breathing, the ticking of a clock, the clutter of my gun as it hit the floor. It all sounded too loud. Too disorientating.

My feet shuffled of their own accord until I reached her. I fell to my knees. No. It could not be. It can't be.

"Please." I whispered, already knowing that my words meant nothing now. "I am begging you, don't leave me here." I repeated myself, my voice could barely be heard over my ragged breathing.

"Please, God, please. You are fine. I will get help. Get... get a doctor... get something... someone. You can't be... don't leave me by myself, please. God, please don't take her from me. She is the only family I have. Please. I love her God damn it! She is my family. I... I can fix this. I can get her patched up... get her... I don't know... stitched up. I can get her help. I will help her. God please don't take her... please... no... she can't die... please..." My throat closed up.

Tears streamed down my face. She can't be… Time stopped. The air from my lungs left me.


I gently touched her face. She did not react. Did not blink. Did not move. Did not breath. Blood was on her stomach. A bullet wound. The murderer did not even have the dignity to fight her.

I wound my arms around her and hugged her. Her eyes stared at me. Through me. Unseeing. Gently, I closed them. Her blood stained my shirt. My tears stained her shirt. I cried. This was too much. I could not do this. I rocked back and forth.

My chest felt tight. My lungs could not work. My heart ached. On the floor her blood was mixed with my tears. It looked like there was more blood than there actually was. Somehow this forced me to cry harder.

It was over.

We had lost.

We were too late.

She was gone.

I was alone.

She was dead.

Rose was dead.

Mia sorella maggiore…

It was too much to bear. I looked up at the ceiling with tears in my eyes. I saw a shadow. The murderer.

"You bastard! I will get you! I will kill you! You have taken everything from me and I will do the same to you! I promise you that!" I looked down at Rose.

"I promise..." I whispered to Rose before looking back at the faceless murderer.

"I swear to you, I swear to her and I swear to the God Almighty that I will. Have. My. Revenge!"