Chapter 3

We were on the plane. In first class. To Italy! I had to get a new passport since it had been years since I had left the county. Even then it was only to Portugal.

Outside my window I could see France. The trees looked like dots. I was not even sure if they were trees. Beside me Rose was fast asleep with her head on my shoulder. I loved it when Rose was asleep. She looked peaceful. She looked young. Full of life. Full of compassion.

Rose was the kind of person who never used words to say how she feels about you. She uses actions.

She hated Danny with a passion and so she killed him. She loves Ali so when she came back with a red mark on the side of her face - a slap mark - she beat the poor guy up. When my aunty died Rose came with me to the funeral and held my hand. Silent yet surportive. Loving yet dangerous.

In front of me Zoe and Ali were sitting. Zoe had frizzy dark brown hair, blue eyes and pale skin. She also had a strange sense of humour and her own way of speaking. Alison had blonde hair, dark grey eyes - like Rose - and pale skin whereas Rose was tanned. Ali and Rose were sisters and something else.

Assassins. The Moon Assassins.

There was something different about these assassins. They were women. All women. Even from hundreds of years ago they were women. Yet they could take a man twice their size down. According to Rose and Ali, they were not assassins; they were 'peace keepers'. After Rose killed Danny I stayed at Zoe's for a few weeks. Rose was one scary woman.

I leaned back in my chair and closed my eyes. The sound of the plane filled my mind. I could hear people breathing calmly as they slept. The stewardesses walking around in their high heels. People asking for pillows. The soft sound of the engine. The chair felt well padded and soft. I felt my body sink into it.

"Matt. It's time to go." I heard someone say softly. I opened my eyes to see the girls looking at me with their bags. I undid my buckle, stood up and took my bag from Zoe. At the conver belt I took some of the girls bags. We stepped out into the open sun. I was in Italy.

Rose and Ali gave each other a smile. A smile that seemed to say 'we are home'. Zoe was smiling aswell. The girls were finally home. They seemed to almost glow. It made me happy yet sad. Happy that they were home yet sad that they would have to leave. Then again, Rose and Ali left because of Danny so maybe they would stay. I would not blame them but I would miss them.

People were walking around. Chatting, laughing, in pairs and in group. In so many ways it was just like back home but then it wasn't. The language was different.

We all piled into a taxi. Ali told the driver where to go. I think. I had no idea. When Rose spoke Italian at home she would speak slowly, clearly and only a few words at a time. Here it was like Italian people did not breath as the driver and Ali had a conversation.

The driver took us on a small tour and Rose translated for me. We passed the Colosseum - where warriors would fight both each other and terrifing beasts such as lions, the Pantheon - a temple for the Roman gods and even the Leaning Tower of Pisa - a bell tower for a catherderal. They were all amazing.

At the Hotel Monaco - a beautiful old-fashioned building in the city center - Zoe checked us in. We went up in the lift to our floor. We would all have our own rooms but right next to each other. Mainly because the girls were afraid that I would get lost. Have they forgotten that I have matured. Not by much but still a little bit.

The room itself was great. It was cosy and blue with a double bed, a bathroom and a great view. I could look out of the window and see Italian people up close, not just on TV.