Dae Dream SPU Entertainment

Kim Dae Hyun

Age: 18

Height: 180 cm

Brown hair, blond bangs

Warmhearted, genuine, cares for his hyungs, doesn't like fighting, ageyo

Talents: popping dancer for 5 years [prior to training]

Dang Mun Hee

Age: 20

Height: 173 cm

Very fair, soft hair—reach shoulders and is straight

Calm, cute, tires easily, weak, has asthma, half French-half Korean

Talents: French and Korean speaking (his mom is French), amazing effortless vocals (but his voice gets tired easily), amazing hip hop dance skills (but he gets tired easily)

Ryu Sang Min

Age: 20

Height 177 cm

Red/ginger hair

Acts like the maknae, laughs a lot

Talents: expert dancer, likes to choreograph and often helps to choreo Dae Dream's dances, also helps with styling

Eom Suk Chul

Age: 21

Height: 189 cm

Black hair, half shaved

Known for his long legs and tough atmosphere, yet a very sweet heart

Talents: Tae Kwon Do black belt, previous popular underground rapper

Ahn Min Ki

Age: 22

Height: 176 cm

Honey golden hair

Cold, very neat and somewhat compulsive, loves writing music

Talents: lyric and music writing, amazing vocals

Min Kwang Ho

Age: 22

Height: 184 cm


Loud, enthusiastic, outgoing, friendly

Special Talents: excellent public speaker and knows English and Korean.

Born in Korea, grew up in California and moved back to Korea when he was eighteen.