I stare at your photos
Wondering what could have been
My heart weighs heavily
Its all of you that still holds me
I miss you, and I miss us
Because Most importantly, I miss our love

I see you smile at her
That smile used to be mine
You made me feel so special
I'd be swimming on cloud nine
But now she's your sun
Because we've unfortunately become undone

But what we had wasn't really there Now was it?
I was always somewhere else
I didn't really hold you with care
I know it's my fault for never seeing
Too late for me now,
because 'there' I was never being

It tortures me to say it
But I still love you
I love all those silly things you do
I miss your words
And I miss how you'd say them
Your voice was one to be heard
Because you'd Sing to me again, and again
But now you're only just a friend

So now I stare at your photos
You gaze at her
I talk to you online or on the phone
I lie to you every time we talk
Because I'm not happy and
Because without you I feel alone