I tried my hardest not to curse...I really did.

I was watching the news for the last couple of days. When Good Morning America ended this morning I was shocked, and frankly fed up. Everyone is calling about the my house is flooded and I don't have any clothes or food, totally gonna make it for election day guys! By the way your vote doesn't actually count, just so that you know.
People are starving and freezing to death. Really? How can the president sleep at night. Not only are people suffering right now, but have been for years. Children are starving and have no food or homes. What are we doing about that? They are in AMERICA and we are sending money to third world countries. There is a reason why they are a third world country. Take care of OUR country before helping others. Feeding starving children in Africa and letting the children here starve is plain hypocrisy. I was listening to the presidential debate and all I heard was resolutions for gas prices, energy, schools, jobs. What about the hundreds of veterans on the street? They are homeless, no health care, food, no one that even cares. They fought for America and risk their lives willingly. Does the government not have the decency to take care of them? Give back what they sacrificed? Making sure they are taken care of? Other countries do. Apparently we are the "leader" but we can't even do this much.

Then Good Morning America reported that Lady Gaga made it on the news that she put on weight. WHAT. THE. F***
Human beings gain weight! Who cares! I never liked her music but I think now I love her especially for her comeback. She was outraged that her weight was making headlines
"When I heard it was on the news, where they talk about wars, the economy crashing and the election-I just thought, 'This is (expletive) ridiculous."
"What kind of example is that to a young girl sitting at home?"
They countered that Gaga flaunted her body that's what makes it apparently newsworthy.

-_-' you can't be F*** serious. EVERY POP STAR HAS TO FLAUNT THEIR BODY IN MUSIC VIDEOS OR NO ONE WOULD WATCH IT, IT's CALLED ADVERTISEMENT. Christina, P!nk, Gaga, Britney spears, Ke$ha, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj etc
Then celebrities promote red cross while wearing a 100-1000 dollar dress/suit. Nice, very nice.
I don't thank God everyday that I live in America. I pray that these fools open their eyes. Wish I could jump on a plane to Italy but wait I can't afford dinner so forget that plan.
-God Bless America
-Yes that was sarcastic