The waters were deathly still, just as they had been for hundreds of years. Its cool waters sit, waiting for a sad soul to fall into its claws. Nothing lived in this dead place. Except the body of a young woman, who the angels and demons worked together to imprison in this Black Sea. Her skin was a milky white and her body was that of a goddess, her hair, the color of maple syrup and her gorgeous face all seemed unworldly. So why would to great enemies come together to imprison this goddess?

The sounds of the world around me seem to be what stired me from my eternal sleep. Innocent's screams, mans laughter, none of these things have i heard in so many years. As I laid at the bottom of my tomb all the thoughts and pains of the world came crashing down around me. I let them come, I welcomed the emotions and thoughts. For it has been so long since my imprisonment, 3,000 years to be exact. Unwanted memories of the past flooded back to me.


"Rose your crimes against Heaven, Earth, and Hell have brought this judgment day upon you."

"Ha-Ha Arch Angel Michael and the king of Hell, Lucifer, have come together to stop me?"

"Rose why are you doing this?"

"Why you ask? Because God has denied me and Hell refused me! I will rule over all of you and drain the blood of anyone that tries to stop me!"

-Flashback Ends-

The second great battle of mankind replayed in my mind. In the end, I lost and was cast into eternal sleep at the bottom of the Black Sea. What had finally awoken me? I pondered this as my powers slowly started returning. Though they weren't returning fast enough for me to start undoing the spell that kept me prisoner to the sea.

It had been months already since I'd first awaken and began undoing the spell that bound me to the sea. I was losing faith that I could even break it and thought about going back to sleep. Suddenly, the sea shook and my eyes snapped open. It broke, I felt the shattered pieces fall all around me. Smiling I started swimming to the surface. It was time to see what had become of my world.

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