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I never liked coming to Heaven, all the angels always gave me dirty looks. Which pisses me off to no end, stupid little goody two shoes. They all loved to kiss God's ass, but looked down on anyone else. I sighed and walked quicker to God's palace and silently wondered why the almighty had called me here. He had trained me on how to rule a world of my own and that was the last I had seen of him in almost a millennia. God I suddenly felt really old, but that's immortality for you.

Nervous suddenly got the best of me and I started doing a mental check to see if I'd unintentionally broken a sacred rule or something else that could get me in deep trouble. Nothing came to mind as I came to the huge wooden doors of God's palace. I straighten me blue business shirt and brushed my hands against my slacks, to make sure that no fuzz's were visible. Nodding at my completed job I straightened up and knocked on the impressive doors. Not even a second later the grand doors opened and the Arc angel Michael stood before me.

"Matthew it's been a long time." Michael said with a warm smile as he placed his massive hand on my shoulder.

"Yes, you're right Michael it has been a very long time. How have you been?" I said as I walked in and started following him down a long hall way.

"To tell you the truth I've certainly been better, that's for sure."

"Oh? What has been troubling you?"

"The same reason that the almighty has called you here. He will explain everything." We stopped in front of another set of double doors that opened upon our arrival. Michael nodded at me and then walked off in the direction that we had come from. With a sigh I went through the doors and got a sneaky feeling that whatever the almighty wanted to talk about was going to be bad.

"Matthew how wonderful it is to see you!" I smiled up at my old mentor and lord,

"Almighty, it's an honor to be in your presence again." I quickly fell to my knees and bowed,

"Please stand Matthew, how has ruling over liverous been?" Smiling I stood and replied,

"It's been ok, I'm so thankful that I had you as a teacher my lord, It's certainly not easy to rule a world." I finished with a sigh and shrugged my shoulders.

"You're right it certainly isn't, please join me for a cup of tea son," the almighty said with a chuckle. I smiled and walked over to a small table that was in front of floor to ceiling windows. I sat down and stared out at the golden fields that were all over heaven. The slight glow that seems to be everywhere here always leaves me feeling relaxed and trouble free.

"So Matthew I'm sure you are wondering why I've asked you to come here today." I looked at the glowing face of the almighty and accepted a cup of tea,

"Well naturally my lord." He smiled an answered,

"Well I have a small problem you see."

I raised an eyebrow and took a sip of my tea, urging him to continue.

"There was once this young Goddess who came to me wanting to know the secrets of the universe, but when I looked into her immortal soul, I knew that at such a young age the information would drive her to insanity. So I told her no and to go live life, and not worry herself with things she couldn't yet understand. She didn't take this very well and started destroying my precious Earth. I knew that she was just hurt and didn't understand, so I didn't have the heart to kill her. Instead I had Michael and Lucifer imprison her in the Black Sea, hoping that would take care of my problem. She was never meant to be released, but one of my rouge projects found and released her yesterday. She is now even angrier now then she was 3,000 years ago, and bad things are about to happen to my children." The almighty's ancient eyes softened and filled with sorrow. I frowned and put my now empty tea cup down, "my lord how young is this Goddess?"

"She's only about 10,000 years old; I think that's when the last star died. Since you know that is how all Gods and Goddess are created."

"Wow," I whistled out I hadn't even seen a Goddess in at least 6,000 years. They were very rare, and many gave up their immortality to live with humans. Being a God or Goddess is a lonely never ending life, and the only time we fell in love with each other was if our soul mates were born. This was so rare that it had only happened three times in history of forever. Some of us could take on this kind of life, but many couldn't.

"What is it that you want me to do my lord?"

"I need you to capture her and bring her to me; I'm going to send her to Vocuas..."

My heart sped up at the mention of Vocuas; Vocuas was the place all immortals feared. It was a dark evil place that slowly and very painfully sucked on an immortals life force till it drives them to madness. The almighty made it only for rouge immortals and very dangerous creatures.

"But my lord why me?" He looked at me and his eyes shone with humor,

"Because I know you were destined for this my son."

I looked at the almighty in confusion and slight interest.

"What's her name my lord?" I had to know the name of my intended victim

"Her name is Rose, So Matthew will you take care of this problem for me?"

I sighed and looked out the window, I knew that this was a crazy task to take on, but I'd be lying to myself if I said that I wasn't interested. Sighing again I looked back at the almighty,

"Well I guess I'd better get down to Earth and start hunting." The almighty smiled brightly and stood,

"Excellent I knew I could count on you Matthew! I have something to give you to make it easier to find and capture Rose." He walked over to me and put his soft young looking hand on my shoulder. Instantly a fierce pain ripped through me; I cried out and tried to pull away, but the almighty had an iron grip upon me. Closing my eyes I tried to breathe, when suddenly the pain was gone and replaced by a soothing cool feeling. The almighty took his hand away and strolled back over to his chair.

"I'm sorry if I hurt you, but I had to give you some new powers that you will defiantly need."

I looked at him in question,

"You see even though Rose is young she is very powerful and I gave you a power that will make you immune to all her powers and I also gave you some extra strength, you're gonna need it." He replied with a small wink and smile. I stood and thanked him then turned to leave,

"Oh Matthew one last thing, not everyone is how they seem." I looked at him and wondered what he meant, nodding quickly I teleported to Earth.

Arch Angel Michael

"My Lord is it really a good idea to send Matthew to do this?" The young but ancient almighty got up and walked over to the windows,

"Matthew is the only one who can save Rose's lost soul, let's just hope that she isn't too far gone already Michael."

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