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A May day marathon.

Stormy blue eyes looked at the computer screen. 'That looks to be right. I better check the numbers just to be sure' decided the male. He saved the file before he scrolled up. 'The first part is identical to the one in our set. So far so good' observed Arkai. He scrolled down to the calculation section. 'I covered all the posts too. I'll run through the number one more time' thought the guy. He started punching the numbers into the calculator. The accountancy student tried to click the buttons quietly. Today was the final exam of his freshman year. The subject was accountancy.

'All my taxation numbers are fine. That's good. Looks like it's time to complete this task. You can do this!' mentally exclaimed the male. He started to type the last part of the taxation. His fingers danced across the keyboard. The computer crunched the numbers while he typed them in. 'Better check those. It would be embarrassing if I made a mistake at the end' decided the brunette. He picked up the calculator, and typed in the numbers. 'Hm. The last digit is wrong. Need to fix that' observed the guy. He replaced the last digit, and everything came out correct. A smile formed at his face.

'THERE! All done!' thought Arkai with a grin. He saved the document before raising his hand. A senior guy approached him. "I am done" whispered the male. He pointed at his computer screen. "Excellent. Please write your candidate number at the top. Then, please print out the documents. Remember that you need two double-sided copies" replied the man. "Thank you" told the guy. He opened the header section before typing in his candidate number. Next, the accountancy student went to the printer section.

'I am glad I took some computer science back in Kosame. If not, this would be a lot harder' observed the guy. He edited the information required before pressing "print". The printer at the end of the room kicked into action. Its noises cut through the silence. The senior picked up the sheets, and checked both sides. 'PLEASE LET IT BE ALL RIGHT!' prayed the teenager when the man approached him. "Is this yours?" inquired the older male. The younger male checked the candidate number plus the content. "Yes" replied the brunette. "Good. Please staple these papers, and sign this one afterwards" instructed the senior. He handed the student a stapler, a pen plus a clipboard. "Thank you" whispered the male. He stapled the papers first. Next, Arkai found his name on the name list. He signed the second rectangle next to his name.

Stormy blue eyes checked his surroundings. Only two more people were left in the room. It made him feel a bit relieved. 'I know my parents won't slaughter me when I come back early. However, it was always the same kids who finished early' recalled the guy. He picked up his backpacker, and approached the teacher's desk. The freshman handed in his papers to the senior woman behind the desk. "Looks good to me. Have a nice day" told the female. "You too" replied the accountancy student. He opened the door as quietly as possible. After closing the door, his shoulders sank in relief.

'Phew. Finally done with my last exam. No rest for the wicked though. Still have to get some housework done' recalled the male. The image of his dorm room made him shudder. Only the minimum of housework had been done during the last two weeks. The result of this neglect was evident. A dust bunny family lived under his bed while his laundry mountain kept growing. To cap it all of was a funky smell. 'Maybe I should ask Kininata if the lab got some disinfectant. I need a family sized bottle of that. Oh, I need to buy some laundry detergent too. Plus some fabric softener with perfume. Or natural oils. I should probably take a shower too' realized Arkai.

He was about to turn a corner when someone bumped into him from behind. "Sorry!" apologized a familiar voice. The guy spun around in surprise. "Kininata! Haven't seen you in ages! Whoa - what's that smell? Have someone thrown you in the sewer?" exclaimed the accountancy student. His friend reeked of something that reminded him of a night club toilet. "Sorry. We were doing some work with sulfur today. Hence why I smell like vomit. On the plus side, it was easy to get a seat in the cafeteria" explained the younger guy.

"That does not surprise me. Everyone within a twenty feet radius of you would probably gag. Or lose their appetite. Maybe even both" replied the brunette. "Thanks for the compliment. Oh - that reminds me. Didn't you have your exam today?" asked Kininata. "I did. Just finished it. I need to go to the shop to get some cleaning detergent. My dorm room is in a very sorry state right now. Have barely done any house work the last two weeks. Hopefully, my grades will reflect my effort" told the male.

The duo walked out of the college building. Rays of sun peeked through the clouds above them. The scent of freshly cut grass was so strong that the sulfur smell nearly disappeared. "I don't think you're the only one suffering. Two days ago, I shaved my face for the first time in ten days. Thank Kami that my final exam is just five days away" informed the male. "Do you need any help studying? I can come over to your place tomorrow morning. After all, we have barely seen each other the last two weeks. I almost feel like an hermit" admitted the freshman.

"Really? That would be great! I need someone who can help me with the species. Especially since some of them have tongue twister names. My biggest fear is to mix them up at the exam. That's the LAST thing I need" replied his friend. His jade green eyes twinkled with joy. "You're welcome Kininata. You helped me out with the washing machine a couple months back after all. I swear, that machine is probably made by some demons" laughed the guy. Three months earlier, the teenager ran into an issue with the new washing machine. All of its programs were unfamiliar with him. Thankfully, the redhead knew how to use it. The new machine was the exact same machine that his parents had at home.

'I better sort my clothes out when I get home. Next on my list is vacuuming. Lastly...the dreaded cleaning. I need find a cheap maid service when I get a job. Washing my dorm room is a pain sometimes. I wonder how Himiko can enjoy that. Her love of cleaning is a huge mystery. At least to me it is' recalled Arkai. Being the youngest child, he rarely cleaned any rooms except his bed room. His parents made him do small chores every day instead. Taking out the trash, picking up the mail or sort laundry were some of them. The male got more chores as a teenager. Taking in groceries, unload the dishwasher and clean the bathroom were added gradually.

'I have to admit that a filthy bathroom makes me gag. However, mum seemed to enjoy clean surroundings more. Perhaps it's something that programmed into females. I should ask Himiko for some advice. Having good hygiene is vital for her job after all' recalled the brunette. His dentist father had fed his sons enough horror stories about bad hygiene. Not just for the teeth, but health care facilities too. Bad hygiene could result in bacteria growth, infections plus cavities. 'I don't want to know how many bacteria there are in my room right now. Eeeeurgh' thought the guy.

"There's the grocery shop. I'll send you a SMS about meeting up tomorrow. See you later Kininata. Make sure you take a shower with industrial level soap" told the teenager. "I will Arkai. Good luck on cleaning your room. Be careful so you don't get buried under the laundry!" laughed his friend. The guy smiled as they split up.

'Flippin great. More sunlight' observed the female. She put on her sunglasses before she left the building. Since the weather was nice for once, there were several people eating outside. 'Can't believe I only got one more lecture left! Especially since my exam is nine days away. However, it's nice to have a repetition session. Better make sure what I need to work at. Not to mention what I need to ask the professor. He's probably taught hundreds of students. I bet he can give me the help I need' thought Marii.

She walked towards the Hisame college building. They had a couple of small rooms that one or two people could use. Said rooms had to be booked in advance. The girl decided to book one today since there were less demands. 'I bet most of the students here are done with their exams. Himiko only has an oral exam left. I can't say I envy her though. Oral exams must be quite tough for a shy person like her. The curriculum is quite demanding too' thought the language student. Then again, many STEM students would probably find her subjects just as demanding. Except those who were in medical school off course.

The female climbed up a set of stairs. A couple of 'real life' photos of nurses hung on the wall next to her. The black and white photos were printed on canvases. It was not very often the brunette saw photos in this format. 'I wonder why photos like these are so unusual. I think printing on canvas gives them a more realistic touch. Perhaps it's because the photos can be damaged. Then again, this is about healers so to speak' observed the girl. She reached the top of the flights a few moments later. The teenager removed her sunglasses to find the correct hallway.

'Let's see. On my right is the teacher's hallway. The room ahead of me looks like a conference room. Guess I have to go left then' concluded Marii. She glanced at her watch. Her room should be available in six minutes. A smile formed at her face when she saw the sign 'study rooms'. The female kept an eye on the door numbers. 'Aha! Here's the right room' thought the language student. She was about to open the dark wooden door when it swung open. "YIKES!" squeaked the girl as she jumped backwards. She blinked when she saw the people inside the room.

"HIMIKO?" exclaimed the brunette after recovering from her shock. Her friend plus an unfamiliar girl stood inside the small room. Himiko wore a burgundy sundress plus sensible brown sandals. The girl next to her wore a golden yellow T-shirt dress. Her copper hair was tied up in a high ponytail. "Marii? What are you doing here?" inquired the girl. "I booked this room to study for my exam. I take it you two were doing the same. Especially since you got an oral exam coming up" replied her friend. "Yes, we were. It's tough. Oh. This is Hotaru by the way. She's one of my classmates. Hotaru-san, this is my friend Marii. We both went to school in Kumogakure" informed the nurse student.

"Nice to meet you" greeted Hotaru. She gave the other girl a polite bow. "Nice to meet you too Hotaru-san" answered Marii and bowed in respect. "That reminds me. Isn't your exam in a week Marii?" inquired the female. "You're close. I got eight days left. Fortunately, it's not my toughest exam" informed the girl. "Best of luck Marii. I hope you get a good grade. I only got three more days" said the teenager. Her face turned into a familiar pallid shade. It was the shade that often appeared when a presentation or oral exam was close. Unlike her friend, she did not thrive on having an audience. Having an audience made her feel extremely conscious. The black-haired girl knew the teacher's opinion was the only one that mattered. However, the feeling of having an audience made her nauseous. "I am sure you'll be fine. I mean, it'll only be you plus two or three teachers. At least one of them will be your professor. That's what happened at my exam yesterday" assured Hotaru.

"You've already had your exam Hotaru-san?" asked the language student. "Yes. They spread everyone across four days. We're a rather large class. Furthermore, there are some medical students who're taking this exam. Can't say I blame them. Examining that many people must be taxing" replied the female. The girl did a low exhale. "That's good. We should get going now Hotaru-san. Good luck Marii" told the female. "Best of luck Marii-san" said the copper-haired girl. "Thanks Himiko and Hotaru-san" replied the female. Getting some praise from her friends always did the trick. Especially during times like these.

"Right. Let's get down to business...to defeat...the test" hummed the brunette. She laid her books and a bottle of home-made ice tea on the desk. The girl sat down after she closed the door shut. 'I have three more chapters to go. I think I'll take the hardest one first' decided the teenager. She flipped open on page 394. It was the last chapter in the book. 'The major topic of this chapter is British society during WW2. Important figures, events, date of events plus allies are the major topics. Her royal majesty, the prime minister plus military leaders will fill the first role. I think I need to create some keywords with pictures. For the events, I will make a timeline. That will help me put it in perspective' observed the female.

She started with the prime ministers. 'Britain had two prime ministers during WW2. The first one was Arthur Neville Chamberlain. He declared war against Germany on 3rd September 1939. Chamberlain resigned at 10th May 1940. Yikes. He died just six months later of bowel cancer! Good thing Chamberlain resigned before it got too bad. He was replaced with Winston Churchill in May 1940. Churchill remained prime minister until 23 May 1945. He died on 24th January 1965. Jeezes, he became much older than Chamberlain' observed Marii. She wrote down the event on the timeline before she moved on to the next event.

'Well, what do you know. 10th May 1940 was the day where Germany started to attack the west. Their "kickoff" event was the invasion of the Netherlands. The Dutch saw bombers flying over the sea, and thought they were heading for England. The airplanes did an 180 degree turn prior to attacking the Netherlands. Hitler claimed England and France were planning to go via Netherlands or Belgium. He suspected their target was the German Ruhr area. Queen Wilhelmina even had to flee the country! Better write this down since it involves England. Especially since this was where Queen Wilhelmina took refuge' decided the girl.

'It's quite fascinating to see how the dots connected through the history. Each event leads to another. I suppose the saying "every action has an equal and opposite reaction". Or was that related to chemistry? No, maybe it was math. I better ask Arkai-san or Kininata next time I see them. They know it better than I do' thought the female. She turned to the next page. 'Now for the battle of Britain. It lasted from 10th July 1940 to 31st October 1940. The battle of Britain was the first major military campaign fought entirely by air force. It was the German Luftwaffe versus the British Royal Air Force and Fleet Air Arm. Britain won the match' read the language student. She wrote "Battle of Britain: 10.09.1940 - 31.10.1940. First major military campaign fought entirely by air force. Germany: Luftwaffe. England: Royal Air Force and Fleet Air Arm (RAF and FAA)" next to the Germany attack date.

Ice blue eyes glanced at the clock. 'I got roughly 45 minutes left. Wonder if any of the British colonies were invaded during WW2. Better write down the biggest ones. I think I'll do the most important ones. The professor said they might be on the bonus questions' recalled the girl. She picked up her pen and wrote 'British colonies during WW2' on the top of the paper.

'First one...Egypt. It was invaded by Libya during Operazione E. Egypt was under British control while Libya was ruled by Italy. Kami-sama...1 900 men were killed and wounded during Operation Compass. This was roughly 10% of their infantry' read the brunette. She let out a small sigh of sadness. All of these men were someone's son, brother, boyfriend, husband or even father. The female could only imagine how it would feel like if her father died in such a conflict. Or worse - one of her younger brothers. Thank Kami that they were in a more peaceful time period.

The male studied the pile of dirty clothes. 'Let's see what the cheat sheet from internet says. Towels, socks, boxers plus bed sheets should be washed at the 60 degree program. I think I'll do that first. While the machine is working, I need to do some dusting. Scratch that. I think I'll just use some multi-purpose cleaner. I better ask Himiko just to be sure. Last on the list is vacuuming and washing my room. Time to get started I suppose' decided Arkai. He began to sort the clothes into two piles.

'Urgh. My clothes are RANK! Good thing that detergent was on sale. I'm gonna need that' observed the guy. He pulled a face as he pulled two pairs of smelly socks out of the pile. The freshman smiled when he saw his music festival T-shirt. His brother had bought it to him almost two years ago. 'Whoa. Has it been almost two years already? Feels a bit longer. Probably because this year has been very busy' concluded the male.

He picked up three pairs of boxer shorts from the pile. 'Let's see. I got eight socks. Six of them are pairs while two are not. However, I'm certain I got their partners in the underwear drawer. Next up are boxers. I got five of those. Time to rip off my bed sheets' decided the brunette. He started with the pillow case and duvet cover. It was deep brown in colour. His blanket however, was navy blue. 'Euuurgh. My bed sheets definitely need a boiling hot wash. They reek of old sweat!' thought the guy. He pulled a face as he tore off the sheets. Next, the teenager hang the duvet out the window.

Suddenly, his phone rang. 'Huh. It's Himiko' observed the accountancy student. "Hello" greeted the male. "Hello Arkai. Are you at your dorm now?" inquired the girl. "Uhm...yes" replied the male. He felt slightly nervous while he looked at the state of his room. It was not horrible, but not ready for visitors. "Great! I got my hands on that Shonen Jump copy you wanted. I'll be at your college building in five minutes. Sounds good?" asked Himiko. The four friends were all reading Shonen of them bought an edition of Shonen Jump every week. The other three gave the buyer a third of the magazine price. They kept the magazine two days each before recycling it. "Yeah. I'll meet you in the lobby. See you in five" told the teenager. "See you in five. Bye!" said the girl. "Bye" answered the guy before they hung up.

'I think I'll use the remaining five minutes to pick up the trash. I have to go downstairs to see her anyways. Oh - that reminds me! I better ask Himiko how I should wash my room. Furthermore, I need to know if I can wash bed sheets with socks. The cheat sheet might be wrong after all. Besides, I'm shit at washing clothes. The only thing I know is to separate white from colour. Don't want to repeat that accident' recalled Arkai. His parents went on a weekend trip to Kashiwa five years earlier. This meant he had to do the laundry. The valiant attempt resulted in two baby pink T-shirts plus matching boxers. Thank Kami that his father knew how to fix the mistake. Wearing a pink T-shirt was social suicide for male students. Best case scenario, you would get stared at. The worst case scenario would be rumors regarding your orientation.

The male tied up the plastic bag in his trash can. Stormy blue eyes scanned the room for any wrappers, paper or plastic containers. The only thing he saw was some toilet paper near his bed. 'Eeeeew. I forgot about those. Better get rid of that' decided the freshman. He picked up the toilet paper with his thumb and index finger. The incriminating evidence was disposed into the bag. 'Kami, Himiko is here any minute. I better get downstairs' decided the guy. He checked his room once more to be sure. The only items there was a rug plus the laundry piles. The brunette tied the plastic bag before he grabbed the keys.

A sound 'clack' was heard once his door shut. The accountancy student went downstairs and hoped his friend was not early. He let out a sigh of relief when he reached the empty lobby. He stepped outside in the bright sun with a smile. The trash containers were all located at the back of the building. The students were told to sort their trash in five categories. Those were paper and cardboard, plastic, glass and metal, food waste and general waste. 'There. Now to meet Himiko' thought the male after he disposed his trash. He went back to the lobby where his friend was waiting.

"Hello Himiko! Happy to see you. How have you been? It's been a while" greeted Arkai. "It has. I'm glad we're almost done. Here is your magazine by the way. You can pay me when you get money" told the female. She handed him a small plastic bag with the magazine inside. "Thanks Himiko. Uhm - can I ask you something? It's a little embarrassing, but I need to ask" admitted the guy. Himiko felt a little unsure. Was he going to ask her a health related question? 'Take it easy Himiko. This is something you need to deal with as a nurse. If you don't know the answer, just tell him to visit the health centre. She or he definitely knows the answer' decided the girl.

"Sure. What do you want to talk about?" replied the nurse student. Her friend took a deep breath. "I-I need some advice for cleaning. I don't know if I should vacuum my room before mopping. Or the other way around. There is a decent vacuum cleaner, a mop plus a bucket in the kitchen. I need a little help with sorting the clothes too. Can socks be washed with bed sheets for instance?" inquired the teenager. The female raised her eyebrows in surprise. 'Oh well. At least this is easier to answer than health questions' realized the black-haired girl.

"Uhm - have you washed your dorm room earlier this year?" inquired the female. "Yes. However, I usually do spot cleaning" admitted the male. "That's good. I would vacuum the room before mopping. As for your clothes, you can definitely wash bed sheets with socks or towels. I do that all the time" confessed Himiko. Her friend let out a sigh of relief. "Thank Kami for telling me Himiko. I better get started on cleaning my dorm room. That's been at the bottom of my list since last month. So much for having exams thrown at you" laughed the accountancy student.

The girl smiled at him. She knew that exam season pushed things further down the to-do list. However, the freshman was pleased that he prioritized his education. "Best of luck Arkai. See you later" told the nurse student. "See you later. Best of luck on your exams Himiko! You got this" assured the brunette. She gave him a bright smile in reply. "Thank you. I need that" replied his friend. She left the the guy on his own.

He went back to his room and started to sort the laundry. "Awesome. Time to clean this mess" muttered the accountancy student as he picked up the laundry. The bed sheets, socks plus towels were laid in the laundry bag. Next, the male picked up a small tangerine orange bag. Inside was laundry detergent plus fabric softener. The male went straight to the laundry room in the basement. It was a barren room that smelled like cleaning detergent. There was a window at the top of the wall. Since most of the room was underground, it could not be lower. There was six large laundry machines on the left side. At the right side was four tumble dryers. Arkai laid the laundry inside a machine. Next, he filled the chamber with laundry detergent. The guy slammed the door shut before putting 100 yen into the slot. '60 degrees. Here we go' thought the brunette.

He turned the wheel on the right program. Moments later, the machine started to hum. 'It takes at least two hours to complete that program. Time to clean my room' decided the guy. He jogged back up to his floor with the two bags in his hands. The teenager walked straight into the kitchen. He blinked when he saw something odd. 'Huh. This is the first time I've seen the kitchen empty. PLEASE let everything be there!' prayed the teenager when he opened the closet. He grinned when he saw the vacuum cleaner, mop, rags, bucket plus the soap.

The guy went back to his room with the cleaning equipment. 'Time to rock and roll!' decided the guy after he laid the laundry on his bed. To make the cleaning more fun, he played music while cleaning. Arkai turned on his mp3 player after plugging in the vacuum cleaner. He bent down, and started to vacuum under his bed. The amount of dust made him surprised and disgusted. 'Note to self. Make sure to clean once a week during next exam period. There are enough dust bunnies under my bed to start a breeding program. Or a crossbreeding program' concluded the male. He moved on to the desk. The freshman twisted the vacuum cleaner to clean the corners. He was amazed just how his floor looked once he was done clenaing.

The guy went straight to the bathroom to fill up the bucket. He took a decent amount of soap in it before turning on the shower. Frothy soap bubbles appeared moments later. 'What a lovely smell. It smells like that tropical drink my brother likes. Pretty sure it was made with coconut and pineapple' recalled the teenager. He soaked two rags into the bucket. After twisting them, the male started to mop his bedroom floor. Most of the spots disappeared after some vigorous cleaning. The smell brought a smile on his face. 'Perhaps this is why Himiko likes cleaning. Who would not want a clean room that smells like a tropical island?' realized the freshman. Once the bedroom was clean, it was time to move on.

He went into the bathroom with the vacuum cleaner. The male turned on the machine, and started to clean the floor. Seeing the dust on the floor vanish made him grin. It felt somewhat satisfying. 'That's the last bit. Time to do part two' decided the brunette. He soaked the second rag and attached it to the mop. A rock song by "Matchy with Question" started to play on his mp3 player. 'OH YEAH! This is one of my favourites!' thought the guy with a grin. He started scrubbing the floor with more vigor than earlier. It did not take long until the floor was spotless. 'Guess there is only one more thing to do...I'm dreading this' thought the accountant student.

He grimaced as he rinsed the rag. Next, the male dipped it into the soapy water. 'Here we go!' thought Arkai as he began to clean the sink. He smiled when another rock song started playing. The guy started to wiped the sink with some toilet paper afterwards. Next, the teenager poured some detergent into the toilet. 'Not the proper thing, but it's the best I can do' concluded the guy. He tried to keep his food down while scrubbing the toilet. Just seeing the colored spots made him nauseous. Afterwards, the freshman wiped the rest of the toilet with the rag.

The hard work paid off however. The tiles were in a uniform gray rather than fifty shades of gray. The sink and toilet were shiny white again. "Phew. Guess I only have to clean the surfaces in my room" muttered the male. He changed the song on his mp3 player before soaking the third rag. The brunette started on his book shelf. Seeing the books made him realize how far he'd got since last year. 'I had no idea I would do such complex math in my first year. Fingers crossed that I pass. Kami knows how far I would be when my last year rolls around' thought the male.

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