Morag Saos Lan, year 2000

My name is Morag mac Mor and I am a priestess of the Life Giver and a member of House Saos Lan. Let me tell you the story of Sneag mac Ceanag from House Cogadh Lan, who was called the Daughter of the War Queen. You shall surely ask 'How was it possible for Sneag to be both the daughter of the War Queen, our goddess, and Ceanag, a mortal elf?' The answer is - there is nothing impossible for the powers, the deities.

Sneag mac Ceanag has lived over a thousand years ago. No one alive remembers her, but her grandchildren are among us. It is my task to tell you the story of Inion de Cogadh Banrion, but I shall also tell you of others who lived in her times.


House Cogadh Lan

Sneag, the leader

Solamh, her son

Tearlag, her daughter

House Dibeartach Lan

Valmai, the leader

Leagsaidh, her natural daughter

Angaidh, her adopted son

House Mian Lan


Ceanag, Solamh's sister

Morag, a half-sister of Ceanag & Solamh

Airril, a full brother of Morag

Neasan, a full brother of Airril & Morag

House Uasal Lan

Ailios, the leader

Iomhair, her twin brother

Diarmad, Iomhair's son

House Saos Lan

Faolin, the son of the leader