Morag Mian Lan, 10 Jan 825

Morag stretched her limbs lazily laying on her bed while watching Sneag Cogadh Lan with half-closed eyes. It was clear that the youthful Banrion is ill at ease in the outfit Aimil Mian Lan had had prepared for her. Probably it uncovered too much compared to the armors the warlike Cogadhs often wore.

The young elfwoman could clearly remember Banrion Sneag solving a hard situation a few days back. She recalled how she and Ceanag both had looked at their mother, wondering what a goal the woman might have in inviting a member of the house that they had never had much in common with… Morag did not know the answer to the question still, but she could present the abilities of the House Mian Lan to young Sneag.

Morag's brother, Airril, entered the room while playing with his sword. He wore only trousers with a low-slung belt and a vest undone, so that his muscles would show more clearly. Just like his sister, Airril had red eyes. It was said that the very same demon was the father of Morag and her two brothers – Airril and Neasan.

Airril Mian Lan put a sword – which was clearly more of an ornament than a weapon – aside. He smiled slightly at the sight of his sister, and then approached Sneag and put a hand on her arm. The woman reacted immediately – the knife she carried in her boot found itself touching the man's neck.

Morag's brother retreated a few steps, lifting his hands in a defensive gesture. The she-warrior did not give up, though, but she stepped forward and swung her dagger. Airril dodged at the very last moment and kept retreating. Sneag looked furious.

Morag decided to intervene at last. She got up from her bed – having made sure that the dress uncovered everything it was supposed to uncover – and approached the youthful Banrion Cogadh Lan, her peer in terms of age, clinging to her back and deftly immobilizing her arms. The woman growled and tried to get free.

'Darling Sneag, I don't believe you might wish to hurt my handsome brother? He only wanted to get to know you… after all, you're wearing such a beautiful dress…'

'This pretty dress is not good for anything' Cogadh Lan snarled 'It uncovers too much. Just right for someone to stick a knife in my belly'

'Oh darling, haven't you realized the many advantages that there are to such a beautiful dress?' Airril murmured while kneeling in front of Sneag and running his hand along her leg.

Cogadh Lan kicked the male with fury, while trying to break free of the woman's tender but firm hold. She didn't manage it. Morag and Airril dragged her in the direction of the bed. They bound her to the bedpost in such a way that she wouldn't leave the room but would have a certain freedom of movement.

'Traitors!' Sneag roared 'You lured me here in order to imprison me!'

Morag snorted.

'Contrary to what you might believe, the world does not revolve around you, Sneag Cogadh Lan. You are not a prisoner here… We simply wish to show you the abilities of the house Mian Lan…'

The young Mian Lan could see that Cogadh Lan is intrigued in spite of herself. She smiled and beckoned Airril to her, so that the man found himself on the bed in one graceful move and supported his back with the bedpost engraved with demons and elves – coincidentally, the very same they loosely tied Sneag to.

The man sent a furious Banrion a crooked smile and then turned to face his sister. Morag was slowly undoing her dress, revealing her body part after part. She fixed her gaze on the she-guest of the house Mian Lan, while thinking strongly – This shall be an interesting experience. You shall see something you have never seen. Something much better than combat.

Even though she had a few decades behind herself, seeing someone gradually being influenced by the charm of the Mian Lan has always fascinated the young elf-woman. Sneag's gaze slowly softened and her muscles relaxed. Cogadh Lan knelt by the bed, watching them with undisguised interest – she didn't even take note of the fact that the man had cut the ties holding her to the bedpost.

Morag smiled and moved her gaze to her brother Airril. For a moment, she wondered whether to use her charm on him, but decided against it. The man seemed quite willing without it. The woman bent forward and unlatched his belt, and he neither protested nor flinched back.

Mian Lan glanced to the side and saw a sudden understanding in Cogadh Lan's eyes. No one would be bothered by the fact that Morag and Airril are tied by blood – not even the clerics of the Life-Giver. Well, the chances that the clergy would get involved were minimal either way. Neither of them had a partner chosen by the clerics, so they were free and allowed to do whatever they wished with whomever they wished.

The male undid his belt in a single movement and Morag skimmed her fingertips across the inner side of his thigh. Airril shivered slightly. The woman smiled when she saw how her brother reacted.