Sneag Cogadh Lan, 15th Feb 825

After a long time, Sneag returned to the compound of her own house, that is house Cogadh Lan. Her first steps led her to the training room, where a faithful servant named Taog awaited her. Upon seeing her, the half-breed – half-elf, half-human – bowed deeply. Banrion smiled slightly.

'Defend yourself' she barked and moved towards him immediately.

A longsword she was holding flashed. Taog needed to utilize not only his weapon, but also his greater physical strength, to defend himself. His mistress did not hesitate even for a moment. The next blow was more horizontal and the servant had to take a step back, not being able to parry it otherwise. Sneag used the opportunity to make another attack. The blade skimmed the half-elf's long black hair, for he managed to dodge in time.

Taking advantage of the fact that the Banrion lost the force of surprise and the immediate impetus, Taog dealt a strong blow with his morning star – a long spiky metal staff. The woman's lips twisted into a grimace – not one of pain, rather one of distaste for the human ancestry the half-breed presented. Elves rarely used such primitive weapons, preferring instead to use masterwork swords, maces or ranged weaponry.

Sneag touched her arm gingerly and glared at her servant. Taog saluted and moved to attack again. The woman moved faster, shortening the distance and gaining a hit. The man did not hesitate and his weapon hit the elfwoman's back. If not for the armor, she'd probably be laying splayed on the floor – but still, it forced her into half-kneeling position.

When the next blow she expected came, the Banrion rolled aside. The moment it took for the servant to lift his heavy weapon was enough for her to deal a blow. The half-elf was not quick enough and did not manage to move aside. The blade nicked his arm.

Taog took several steps back, carefully watching his ruler's face. If she wanted, she could continue the fight until death. He knew he'd taught her well and he knew it was her right. He only hoped he would be saved due to his loyalty.

As his luck would have it, Banrion Sneag was in a good mood today. She lowered her weapon and glanced at him.

'Report to the chapel. They'll take care of this scratch. I will not have my servants wounded'

'Thank you, Banrion' Taog bowed deeply and withdrew, putting his weapon on a stand.

When Taog left, Sneag reached for a second sword placed close by. She wielded it in her left hand and took a few swings. When she was sure she feels its weight and range, she unsheathed her own blade to wield it in her right hand. She took a swing with both swords at a dummy… and lost her balance.

She got to her feet, cursing, and repeated the move. Once, twice, thrice… dozens of times. As a Cogadh Lan, she was used to hours-long weapon training, and her ambition was to learn to fight with a weapon in each hand.

She'd glanced a few times at a double-bladed sword – a weapon with a blade on both ends of the handle – but she did not wield it yet, she lacked the skill still.