So you probably know what vampires, ghosts, werewolves, and mummies are. You are also wondering what the heck night shades are. Unless you thought I meant the plant kind. Here is one clue to what we are: darkness. Anything in a one foot radius of us feels extreme pressure, sadness and pain. Anything a half mile away from us will be just plain depressed so we have a pretty sad, dark town. The only way to keep from being depressed near us is by us touching you. You wont go looking for us if you know what's good for you. That is a good thing you are wondering that. We don't want people to know about us for other obvious reasons that you will see latter. There may be a tad bit of blood but plenty of darkness in this story. Another fact: we are carnivores. Meat is the only thing that will sustain us. Anything else will just make us sick. (Yes we can drink water. All living things need water.) And never ever let people look straight into your eyes. If you are a nightshade your pupils will be slits like cat eyes. Just have your parents tell teachers you were born that way for some weird reason like a genetic disorder or something. Like people with extra fingers. One more thing there is no way to become a night shade. You have to be born into a family of pure, night shades to be one. (That includes parents and siblings) if one parent is night shade and the other is human you will be human. Human + night shade= human. Night shade + night shade= night shade . It's painful and scary. There is a 65% chance that you could hurt your friends and an 80% chance you will hurt your enemies. You will get in trouble either way. I don't even like being a night shade. I almost killed my best and only friend. If you have herd what night shades are, no we are not skeletons in black robes. We may have no blood but we still have plenty of organs, skin and bones. And no we do not do black magic and all that crap. I still have no idea why I trust you with this information. For ghosts sake you're a human! But I'm pretty sure you can keep a secret, can't you? Great! I don't have much time so listen up! I live right outside a large city known as Blackston. Sorry, this isn't twilight. No Finley, you may not tell them what happens in the end. We agreed I would narrate the last chapter anyways. No, I told you to be quiet! now shut it. This human wants to know our story. Sorry about Finley (fin-lee) he is a 3 year old in a 14 year old body. A human puppy dog you might say. You will find out who he is latter. So here in Blackston winters are at freezing tempetures and in the summer the average temp is 90 degrees farrenhight. Before the story even starts remember blood will be spared and darkness will live in this story forever. Depression might even fill your days.*smiles evilly* It starts on a stormy night with a little girl staring out the window. Pale white/gray skin covers her body and dark stringy dark chocolate hair that needs combed dangles from her head. Dark brown freckles cover her nose. Her eyes have long black slits for pupils and what looks like thick, black eye liner outlines the bottoms of her eyes but it's only natural. The thunder and lightning don't scare her one bit. She is after all pure darkness. An evil creature with no heart. But other than the eyes and fangs she looks perfectly normal. A sweet little girl looking at the rain. That evil creature is me but younger. A small venerable 4 year old. Look at me today. Normal height and skinny. Pale skin and same black/brown hair. My eyes have changed from a pretty shade of blue to Pale yellow around the slits and a darker blue everywhere else. Content and strong. Surviving school as carefully as possible. nightshade 101. First of all, try to be the first one out of every class but don't draw attention to yourself. Also don't get too close to anyone. If you were a real night shade you would know that the first code is to never eat human. My parents gave me a sample of human blood from a hospital once and I couldn't get enough but it must have a required taste because my mom hates it. I guess I'll have to have to watch out for that one. But that is the first lesson you learn as a child. Humans are friends not food. But that is why we can't get attached to anyone. Someday the temptation may be too much to handle then that person will disappear and that is not a good thing. Then when the police find you feeding on their dead body they will class you as an extreme lunatic cannibal and you will have some explaining to do. My uncle Mathew has killed many humans before and is now in an insane asylum all because he can't hold a job (So he can't afford to buy meat) and refuses to hold his temper. Imagine coming home and finding out your mom or dad was killed and eaten by a monster. A crazy mad-man took the life of your parent. then Imagine thanksgiving for us. It's extremely dull and not very colorful. Guess what we have? You'll never guess. Meat. Fish, chicken, turkey, hamburger, bacon (my personal favorite) and beef jerky. Another thing in school. Never. Ever. No madder what, eat the lunch food. Even if they say its meat, it's not meat. Even If they sign a document promising, its not meat. After one bite you will fall over flat on your face and either dye or through up. This time it wont be from how discusting it is. That is why I only eat the lunches I bring. One more thing, we don't have emotions. We don't have souls like you. We cant love or be sad or be happy. We can but it isn't very sincear. And finely don't ride the bus. A lot of people will be scrunched in around you and that is not a good thing. People may have attitude changes and even hurt someone. Then if someone sits by you the pain will be so severe they might scream and cry or if you're unlucky, kick you or slap you. I learned this one the hard way. I was in the last class of the day when the Phone on the south wall every teacher seemed to have rung quietly then beeped loudly. is a very kind loving lady who enjoys her job. But the only thing in her life she absolutely hates are telephones, Cellphones and IPhones or anything else that lets you talk and contact someone and rings to catch your attention. I swear she would rip the phone out of the wall if she could. But anyways she tromped over to the phone and roughly, picked it up. You could hear the princeable in the background mumbling something. "Yes, I'll tell her. Goodbye." walked over to my desk witch my mother requested be in the back of the room. (Which was oh so embarrassing but don't tell her that.) She stopped about two feet away from me. She leaned in a little and said "Gray, You will be ridding buss today. Your mom has lots of work to do and tells you to be careful." Oh gosh, I almost forgot! My name is gray. Yes, Gray. Gray, peace, Rane. I know not very creative but it is a very common name for us. Remember I'm pail and my skin is Extreme white/gray. imagine me getting even paler than I already am. That's what happened when I learned I was riding the bus.

"Y-yes mam."

I stammered not looking up. I tried to sound happy and comfortable but inside I was screaming my head off. I trudged to study hall then twenty five minutes ladder did the same thing on the way to the bus, my bag slung over my shoulder. 1/2 a week of 6th grade left then I am free to do whatever I desire.(in the story I'm curently 12) I could go to the forest and find a rabbit to- never mind. 'You need to stop thinking about food or you might attack someone Right in front of about 15 people.' My main priority is not sitting by any one. That would be a disaster waiting to happen. I speed walked over to the bus and got on nimbly, careful so my hood wouldn't fall down. The sweatshirt I wore is black with white stripes and a gray skull in the front, all black on the inside. My dad got it for me about three or four sizes to big last year. Under that I had a dark grey Adeadis T-shirt. Its about the only thing I ever where. Thank the lord that I was the first one on the bus. I walked down the aisle passing moldy seat after moldy seat. I slid my body into the second to last seat on the right hand side of the bus. It smelled like old shoes and smuggled mints (no one was allowed to have food on the bus because of previous incidents in the past.) sadly most of the people were stupid and tried to sit as near the back as possible to get away from the bus driver. When everyone was on the engine roared to life and we started moving. We had only gone about 8 yards when the bus screeched to a sudden halt and sent a girl flying halfway over the seat in front of her. However I did not budge did not move. Didn't even jerk the tiniest bit. The bus doors opened and Finley Jakeson, a boy in 's class stepped up the stairs and skidded down the aisle right by my seat. He slid into MY seat, a comfortable 1 foot away. I might as well kill them all. A few minutes later the effects of being a night shade took effect on him. His fists had clenched and you could see a perfectly straight line forming accost his forehead. Five minutes later his eyes were closed and his face was a light shade of red. I could just feel the anger pouring out of him. The feeling of hate and sarrow and sadness. The want to punch something. I closed my eyes, turned my face away and adjusted my hood. I wanted to say hi and talk and be social and see what drove him to sit by me. but I didn't and couldn't. Leaning over I extended my arm and placed a cold hand on his shoulder softly. I could feel his posture strengthen the way mine never could and then he spoke. For the first time since kindergarten a kid my age spoke something UN hurtful to me.

"I'm sorry I was over reacting-And why are you holding my arm?"

She hadn't even noticed her arm slowly slide softly from his shoulder to gripping him tightly on the upper part of his arm.

"Don't tell me to move unless you want someone getting hurt. And don't talk."

"I just have a question or two. And would it kill you to losen your grip just a little?"

No but It might kill you. She sighed in obvious annoyance.

"You get three. Then no more talking to me."

Was this normal boy behavior? I had no idea. I've spoken to any boy but my dad before.

"Okay then. Why do people ovoid you? What's so different about you that everyone hates?"

She clenched her eyes tighter and ran her tongue over her sharp canines.

"Do you really honestly want to know? And why should I show you? I'm showing you anyways. But I still want a motivation."

"Yes I do want to know. I need to know there is a reason I collected enough courage to come and talk to you."

"Look me in the eyes when I look at you and you tell me what's wrong."

Fast as lightning I pulled my hood down and pulled my stringy hair back as if pulling it into a ponytail. I looked him straight in the eyes. He wasn't frightened or confused. He acted like it was no big deal. But He was somewhat surprised. I closed my eyes and inhaled deeply.

"I'm a monster."

I whispered quietly

"No you're not. Not just because of what you look like."

I glared at him.

"I am and it isn't fair that you had to come up here and tell me the opposite of what I am."

I was now softly yelling at him and snarling revealing my sharp front teeth.

"I am evil. I am darkness. I make people depressed and hurt the ones I love. I could kill you at a moment's notice and you wouldn't see it coming. If I make friends I may end up killing them. If I told you what I am they will kill you and perhaps hang me. NOW please be quiet. Can I be any more straight forward about it? "

I shoved my hood over my head as a tear dared my eyes to roll down my cheek. I just barely caught the sight of him rolling his eyes as if he'd heard it a million times. And after a while he responded.

"Your hair is pretty - and I like the shade of your eyes."

Every word stunned me one by one.

"Cat eyes and vampire teeth. Absolutely normal. Right"

"Why does it madder? You can still see and eat right? Isn't that all that madders?

"I'm not sure any more if it's worth the effort hiding."

I noticed my head was up; eyes wide open so I bent my head and pulled my hood over my face more.

"Don't worry."

He said quickly

"I won't stare. My sister lost her arm and has a huge scar across her face. I'm used to abnormal differences."

"H-how did she lose her arm?"

"We were riding our bikes home from school one day. About half way home we noticed a huge dog following us. I tried to shoo it away but it wouldn't move. My sister stopped and I didn't notice because she usually rode behind me."

His eyes were closed now obviously trying to keep calm.

"I don't exactly know what happened because I wasn't paying attention but when I heard the screaming and barking I thought it was the end of the world when I looked back behind me. That stupid dog killing my sister. It made me love her more. I turned around and as fast as I could ran over that filthy – No swearing!"

I said swiftly.

"Okay then, that monster of a dog. I took my 10,000,000 pound social studies book out of my bag and pounded it in the head as hard as I could. I hit it and hit it so many times."
A tear ran down his cheek onto his shirt

"I ran to the nearest house and told them to get help. She was alive but unconscious. Apparently there was something wrong with the guy's phone so it took a while. When officials got there they helped a lot but it wasn't enough."

His face was now troubled and saddened and oh so easy to read.

"She had so many stiches it wasn't even funny."

Gray wasn't crying. She had never cried in her life but the story still made her sad.

"There was a huge infection in her arm and it was so torn up It had to come off."

She was now gripping her hand tightly around his and when she noticed this she let go, got up and got out of her seat. Just like that she was gone. Out of the seat sitting up near the front. He only caught two things as she passed him. Her eyes one last time and 'I'm sorry'.

I sat down in the moldy old seat and got off at my stop. I walked up the driveway past the thick layer of pine trees. What I saw outside shocked the living daylights out of me. The House wasn't there. All that was left was ash, half of a wall, police, the fire department and my dad. I walked up to a cop and asked him what happened.

"What's it to you?"

"Um, I live here as in eating, sleeping, playing, catching on?"

"Yes, we are not exactly sure. Something exploded apparently. Either someone threw a grenade at it or some sort of gas line broke."

"Where is ?"

"Excuse me?"

"Where is she?"

I said impatently.

"Oh, look at the time I have a board meeting- in like five minutes. Got to go."

And all he simply did was walk away. I walked up behind my dad and spoke in my softest saddest voice. I didn't even know I had a softest saddest voice.

"Where is mom?"

I asked this question again as a tear rolled down my cheek. I had never cried before. It felt weird like being wet without being underwater. It felt like I was drowning and couldn't breathe and had to gasp for air like a fish out of water. Like I had to choke through my mouth to get any air. Seconds later he was holding me in his arms tightly. Trying to comfort me best he could.

"Gone for a while."

My mom, pregnant with my baby sister was now dead. Gone. Flown the coop. closed the door. So this was her end. How her candle would be blown out. I sobbed and blared. I pretty sure the whole country could hear me I was so loud. But I didn't care because I would miss her forever and would never get to meet my baby sister in person. And I'll never be able to forget her.