Chapter 3: why he's stubborn

"Why did you run away from me yesterday?"

He said with a determined look on his face. Gray did not answer. She was determined not to talk to him until lunch. She was sadly bad at self-control. For a person with her…special abilities and needs, that is a big problem.

"I'll tell you if you tell me why you really want to help."

"Because I'm a nice person. I just like helping people."

"First of all you are lying. I can tell when someone's lying. Second of all I don't need help so leave or I'll eat you. Or you can tell me the real reason."

He looked at her aquardly and she let loose a small smile.


He sighed as if about to commit a murder.

"I'm in this club that helps unsocial people. They sent me on the toughest mission any of us have ever been on. You. Gray Rane, The most unsocial kid in the hole flippin school."

Her eyebrows arched and her mouth fell open.

"Did you just call me stuborn?!"

She growled. (Literally.)

"No the club does. Every one they send comes back saying its imposibial. I thought it would be like all the other times were I help you find a friend and get the glory. BUT then I found out you were so mutch more complicated and mysterious. Then how you were a night shade and the excitement. And That-"

"OKAY, I get it man. Don't hurt yourself. So whats with this club thing?"

"Well we have a pretty big class and sometimes people have problems finding friends so we give them a boost. I just so happen to be there best scout. I've completed more missions than anyone else."

She looked at him blankly absorbing all he just said then smiled trying to hold in her laugh.

"scout, mission."

She snickered.

"What is this, Girl scouts?"

She was now laughing and He was now glaring daggers at her.

"yea, I've bean thinking about quiting."

"And how long have you bean thinking about that?"

"scense I met you."

"great. Now I've crushed a girl scouts dreams. I am so evil."

"You truly are mission imposable."

She rolled her eyes in amusment.

"you never told me why you ran from the park."

She froze in place thinking about what to say.

" You have braught up a dangerous subject. You must understand that If I get angery You should leave and find a new place to sit until I calm down. Understand?"

"Yeah, I guess."

"The day I road home with you on the bus something happened. When I got off my house wasn't there it was just a wall. It blew up for some reason."

"Why didn't I see this?"

"Because it during school and my house was behind a bunch of pine trees. I walked up to a cop but he didn't say anything. I found my dad and he said he was off work for a while to see what happened."

She started breathing more heavily with anger.

"They never found my moms body. My mom was going to have a baby in a few months. A little girl named storm."

"Grey… I'm so sor-"

"Don't say it"

She snarled.

"what did you do wrong?"

She said more than questioned.

"And you did?"

"Right now Just by being in your presents I'm breaking about ten codes."

"What are-"

"some other time. And besides I don't need your pointless sympathy. I don't have a true soul so I won't feel anything. My soul only has about 1/20 of the sencetivity your soul does"

He looked at her some-what sad.

"Does that mean you don't know what its like to be happy? Or to love?"

She looked at him blankly.

"veagly, No."

"So why did you laugh when I told you about social league?"

"Because most humans would think it was funny so I laughed anyways."


He said sadly.

"When my mom died I cryed."

She said softly.

"And nightshades aren't supposed to feel barely anything matchless sadness."

He gaped at her in silence.

"Feel lucky… You can love and hate and cry and laugh and be scared and and be brave and be jealous and anything you want. I am a blank black page. Whatever words you write on me don't show up."

"so you don't know what its like to have a friend. There are two different things blocking you. You don't feel and you can kill… Then why am I still here?..."

"That is… The smartest question you've asked all week… Why are you still here?"

I'm not sure right now. I just know I have to keep trying. Have faith, get a grip and not let go."

"You really do believe in me don't you?"

He nodded his head slowly up and down

"Then if you're going to be around me you have to stay at least a foot away or else my effect will be absolutely server unless you touch me. Not that I want you around me I still think this is a bad idea."

"How bad can it be?"

"You could be killed by dark ones. They will torcher me, poison me then hang me. Hanging is the only way to kill a nightshade. Your death will be quicker. killed and eaten by a starving night shade. Presumably the one who informed you of our existence."

He looked at her shocked.

"So you knew this would happen when you told me?"

He felt betrayed and misguided. All his intentions were good but the consequences were like poison to the blood.

"No, if you do it right you can get around it. But that doesn't mean we will. Were just kids. If they caught us they would not hesitate to have us killed. They are mercyless. Vile. I tried to warn you but you wouldn't listen."

Her eyes went soft.

"You had to be a stupid suborn human!"

She stood up and threw away the remains of her lunch away and rushed out of the lunch room. The rest of the day sped by and she rushed into her room when she got home and locked the door behind her. Dinner was silent and Night was restless. She went through the same routine the next morning. At school She sat alone as usual and Finley was sitting next to a group of overly perky boys. Presumably from the social club. After eating and throwing away the brown paper sack her lunch was in, She was about to leave the lunch room when someone grabbed her shoulder. She turned around to see who it was. Finley towered over her by a good 4 inches. His face was pained.

"But you have felt before."

She looked at him shocked.

"You have felt mad and you've felt protectiveness. You wanted to protect me and you've felt mad at me for trying to be nice to you. and how you are absolutely loving it that I'm your friend."

She stepped closer. It was dangerous but she wanted to see the anger and pain on his face. She could see him trying to keep from being angry. That one line that formed across his head from when he was thinking hard or was angry.

"I never said you could be my friend."

"You never said I couldn't."

She smiled but again she hid her feelings and frowned. He grabbed her shoulder again. Then her pain went away in both of them; Had was no longer angry and painfully sad and Gray, when she realized she had feelings but even though she rarely felt them they were there.

"Thank you."

She said quietly.

"It's okay you know, that you're not perfect. That your different. Different is perfect to me. And I'm not just saying that because it's part of social league. I mean it. Not everyone gets the chance I do."

He gave her a crooked smile.

"please give me a chance. Just one to find whatever it is your looking for."

He was then abruptly iterupted by a teacher.

"Is there a problem here?"

"No. Nothing."

Said Gray.

"Just talking."

Finley said.

"Well then can't you do it on the way to reaces."

She asked.

"Oh, yeah. I'm sorry."

Gray's eyes were downcast. We slowly walked into the hall and out to reaces. Gray put her hood up but no longer felt the need to hide her eyes from Finley. She told more stories of her heritage and he told her stories of what was like to have a normal life. You can probably guess what her answer was about if he could have a chance. Slowly, over the next week and ½ she became aware of something. A weird feeling. It was warm. And fuzzy . She explained this to Finley. He said it was called happyness.

"I have officialy done the impossible!"

He declared.

"I FINELY got you to feel happy! How does it feel?"

"Ummmm. Knew?"

She didn't sound very excited but Finley sure was.

"There is one thing you've never told me."

"Go on…."

"When your birthday is!"

She was surprised. Didn't see that coming.

"October 21st. Yours?"

"December 29th ."

"I'm older than you!"

She sighed.

"That means you're birthday is in a week and a half!"

"My existence is not something to celebrate, remember? You live around here right?"

She asked.

"Of course."

"where do you live any ways?"

"Let me think about this. A blood thirsty nightshade is asking me where I live and I'm about to tell her where. Not the smartest thing I've ever done."

"You are absolutely right but you've done stupider."

She pointed out.

"I live across the street from dairy queen."

"Seriously? That's awesome! You could walk to dairy queen every day if you wanted to!"

He smiled at her then decided do something very dangerous. Go down a very dangerous road. He would have to eventually. "You said they never found your mom's body right?"

Didn't see that coming either.

"No… but that doesn't mean she couldn't of bean blown into smithereens.

"But that means she could be alive! Do you guys have any enemies?"

"Ghosts. Well, were not enemies and not friends. We just don't like each other. My mom would have almost no value to them."

He sighed and a troubled expression covered his face. That straight line of concentration formed across his forehead in deep thought.

"By the way, have you ever seen a ghost? Cause you smell like ghost."

He gave her a weirded out look

"Did You just say I SMELL like a ghost? Do I really smell that bad?!"

"Nightshade thing."

"Oh, well some of my friends say they think my house is haunted. Other than that I got nothin'."

"Well some time I'd like to see you house then."

"Fine by me. So what are you doing after school?"

"Same as always. Going home. "

"That must be boring. Don't you ever go on bike rides around town or just shop or whatever girls do."

"Finley, think about that question. Can you see me riding a bike?"

"No but-"

"Can you see the effects of a night shade walking in a crowd."

" Yes, it would end up horribly and-"

"Can you see me going through Kmart, looking at clothes?"


"Well then, there is your answer."

"Hey, Have you met the new kid?"

"You need to think before you speak."

"Sorry, have you seen the new kid."


"He looks like you! Pail, Unsocial, slit eyes, fangs, too much eye liner! Just like you. You think it's another night shade?"

"You tell me captin oviose."

"Yes mam Comander sarcasum!"

I rolled my eyes. (I was doing a lot of it lately.)

"Hey, Know what you should do?"


"You should tell your dad you wan't to ride the bus!"

"To late my dad beat you to it. He's got a bunch of paper work to fill out. So It would be 15 minutes to half an hour of waiting."

"What does your dad do? You know, for work?"

"He's owner of mindbox inc."

"Seriously?! That's like one of the biggest gaming companies in the US!"

"It's only like 19th."

"But still, you're like, filthy rich!"

"Your point exactly?"

"You can have anything you want!"

"Not all the money in the world can buy me what I want."

"It can for me though… Chocolate fountain, rollercoaster, water bed-"

"Finley, you're crazy."

"Hey, we verified that when I desided to not care what you are and to hang out around you."

She giggled slightly.

"You did not just do that."

He said excitedly.


"You laughed at me! Finely!"

"What's the new kids name?"

She said eagerly changing the subject.

"I think It was Blake Senokcrad."

Her face went pail…er.


She said softly.

"This can't be happening."

"What? What's happening?"

"They found us."


"The dark ones. Senokcrad is dark ones spelled backwards guiness. And I think you mean Black, not Blake."

"How did they find us?"

"They have goons all over the place if you look."

"How did you figure that out so fast?"

"All nightshades have same last names. Feng, snaik or Rane. Depends on who your parents are."

"Mine is Rane."