Part V

"He's jacked up on steroids. I'm telling you, brah." a man had muttered.

That comment had made me tightening my body in anger. 'I took no such substance and even went against it. If I wanted to join a protest, I would do so against such body enhancers.' I thought to myself. Clenching my fists, I walked away from the bench.

I felt completely and utterly miserable. I actually thought for a minute that my newfound strength would make me noticeable to the very person I was most interested in. But it turned out she wasn't. The pain of rejection hurt my heart. In order to make myself clear my mind over what just happened. I did the next thing. I lifted more. For whatever reason, the weights felt easier to lift now. The thing was I could still felt the weight in my trembling hands but what was not clear was how I was able to do it. I did not look that muscular and in some places I was rather toned but I was not a bodybuilder by traditional standards. So what may have been the cause for such increased strength?

On the treadmill was a different story entirely, I went so fast that people on other treadmills were regarding me rather awkwardly. It took an hour when I had to get off. People were giving me awkward looks and I felt anxious now. It was time for me to leave then. Apparently being special didn't give me a pat on the back. How foolish I was for wanting to be right about what I am now.

I always thought I was a guy of infallibility. I would always be right about everything even if the resulting circumstances could have been made me pessimistic. It wasn't about being right, it was about being realistic. Right now, I was hoping I was wrong. I put two fingers to my left wrist. I frowned as no beating occurred. Then I put my hand to my heart. My heart should have been beating faster than the speed of light due to the amount of running I had done a few minutes ago.

That's when I realized it and now I was panicking. The reason why I wasn't sweating nor breathing the way anyone working should was because my heart didn't beat at all. I jolted upright and waited for what might be. Was I going to drop dead now? But if my heart wasn't beating, why am I getting so nervous? I would have to have adrenaline spiking and all that is heart related.

Looking back through the lockers, I scrimmaged through everything I had. Without taking a shower, I packed up and dressed. I then headed out the door of the gym. As soon as I got outside, I felt even worse. Being scared as I was for not even having a pulse, I felt lost. Like when my mom forgot what time she had to pick me up from school long ago. I felt the same way all over again. It seemed like a million things were happening to me all at once. I didn't even know whether I should go home or go to a hospital.

I turned upward to gaze at the sky. A few rays of sunlight penetrated through the cloudy the sky. The clouds past by sluggishly. I never realized how beautiful the sky was. I stopped and looked down. 'Why am I thinking about cheesy crap like that?' I was not that sensitive.

Panic was overwhelming me. I should have been dead and the possibility of dropping down and experiencing total darkness was unbearable to think about. The only logical course was to go to the hospital. 'But what can the doctors do?' I thought to myself. 'Maybe you're not even reading your own pulse right.' I told myself to remain calm and collective. For that, I stopped the shaking and gasping. Maybe I was imagining all this. Maybe feeling special has got me feeling desperate to find answers. For that I had to stop thinking I was special.

I looked at a few people walking around, giving frowns as to my erratic behavior. I envied being a normal person. To not care about anything except what is important. That was what I so craved in life. To have companionship and to have a respectable job, too bad I'm a lazy individual.

In order to clear my mind, I did the only thing that relaxed me. I went to the mall which luckily enough, was right next to the gym. I parked my car by a random store and immediately I entered the mall. The place was like a second home and for that I felt a bit more at ease. After passing by department after department, I finally made my way to the comic book store.

The store had a policy that stated that no reading of the comics was allowed. So unfortunately I could only gaze at the covers. The covers on every comic book had a dramatic looking figure in the middle fighting whatever was coming at him. I always knew that the true nature of superhero characters wasn't all about flying and having extraordinary abilities like shooting lasers from their eyes, comic book stories were somewhat based on real events. Actual people who looked ordinary doing remarkable things. 'If only I could be as brave as any of these characters.' But the problem was the characters on the front pages weren't even real, so it was indeed a downer.

After a minute at looking at the shelves, I turned back around to exit the store. But I stood frozen. The girl whom I have longed for was looking right at me. She was inches away from my face. She was wearing a tight tank top that emphasized her tight, curvy body tremendously. Her skin tone indicated she was somewhere around South America. My expression to her appearance was that of anxiousness for the fact that she had a serious look on her face.

"Hi?" I said weakly. My voice cracked as well. 'Good start so far...'