As soon as I had turned to face her, introductions never even happened. The young woman began to explain without giving even a slight introduction.

"You and I don't have a lot of time. So I'm going to make this as quick as possible."

"What are you talking about?" I asked a bit worried as she went to the window and looked out of it and looked as if she were anticipating something. The young woman then went to the door to the store, closed it, and locked it.

"Hey you don't lock that here!" the guy at the counter yelled at her.

"Just hold on a minute, here!" she yelled back to him in frustration and went back to where I was. She grabbed my arm and hastily got me to the back of the store where we were both huddled in a corner.

"Hey! What are you doing?" I yelled. Before I realize that this chick was brash by the way she told the guy off at the cash register. By the way, she grabbed hold of my shoulders, she was a very strong individual. I began to get anxious right away.

"We only got a few minutes before reality comes back!" she then took the lapels of my shirt. Her beautiful eyes seem to penetrate my own with perfect ease. That was when things started to turn a bit surreal. 'What does she mean 'before reality comes back'?' I thought.

"What is this?" I cried out but her hand had completely covered my mouth.

"Just look at that…" she pointed back toward the entrance of the store where the address number lay posted on the window door. The number read '15'.

'Oh my god! Another symbol. Does she know anything about it?' I waited for an explanation.

She began to point out the details in a rushed manner. "That means you got 15 hours."

Even though, with her hand covering my mouth, I let out a gasp. '15 hours for what? What is she talking about?'

I never got to ask because she spoke again, rapidly this time. "Because you have always been anxious and always been a superstitious person, you obsess over things because you think that they have meaning somehow. You tell yourself they don't mean anything but deep down you really do want these signs, these symbols to mean something. Am I right?"

Frowning, it was amazing how she knew what kind of person I was. I nodded.

"I cannot tell you my name for that will reveal my existence in this…reality." She said as she looked around the store. "I have to go now." Her manner then turned to a fearful one.

I began to protest. But her hand on my mouth tightened harder as she wanted me to keep listening. "You have 15 hours to stop a terrible disaster that is about to happen. It's the equivalent of a terrorist attack."

My eyes widened with shock and I wanted to tell her what it was exactly.

"No." she answered surprisingly. "I can't answer you any more questions. I have to leave but I have to give you this to keep track."

With her free hand, she took out a note in her pocket.

"These are the events that are about to happen really, really soon. To stop this disaster, you have to prevent all these things from happening. This is a list detailing what is about to take place and where it is going to take place. You have to stop all of them. You're the only one who can and you have 15 hours to do it. From the moment, you step foot outside this store, you better be ready."

She then let my mouth go and I began to breathe normally again.

"What is this? Who are you and what are you talking about?" I cried out.

"You're the only who can stop this." She only said and shook her head before running off.

"Hey no running!" the man at the counter yelled.

For the longest time, I remained placed at the corner and tried to consider everything that happened. Everything that woman said was impossible. 'She's got to be unhinged.' I ran out the store to catch up to her and demanded more answers. But as I got out, she was nowhere in sight. 'What is going on here? I wanted to ask as I looked around for her.

Looking at the note she had given me, I went over the so-called list. There were five names, addresses and a time labeled. 'What was this?' I thought.

'If these are crimes and accidents about to happen, why wouldn't she just go to the police?' I thought.

The woman who I had feelings since the first day I seen her had finally talked to me. In a comic book store, no less. Now, I thought the woman was a bit mental. She had claimed something bad was going to happen. 'And I'm the only one who can stop it?' The day could not have gotten any more weirder. But if anything, it could and if that woman was right, it was going to happen soon. She had to be crazy and because I was someone with unusual habits, I had no time to do anything the list said. 'Even if could, I'm too much of a conformist to do anything...'

I was about to exit the store and go home. At my car, I say while the engine was running. 'Suppose this girl is right...' I thought as I wandered off looking around the parking lot.