One's life is not arranged with a definite, precise time line.

We remember little bits of information, or data.

Those data pieces are called memories.

Our life is arranged by memories, the memories that evoke the most feelings.

Feelings are another amazing thing.

Happiness, loneliness, sadness, anger, depression, joy, excitement.

All feelings and those feelings cause us to recall and remember memories.

So in truth when one writes a story, it is usually one memory that is stretched and pulled to the most capacity it can fill.

Or the most number of pages it can fill.

But sometimes, one memory isn't enough to tell the story.

Sometimes you need many, many memories to completely understand.

But that many memories stretched out to their fullest, would take up too many pages and so much time.

Although the memories might be worth it.

But none the less, what if a story was made up of many, many different memories? Small memories, not very long, but enough to get the point of the story across?

So in short, if there was a book with many small memories telling one huge story.

But unfortunately, the mind doesn't necessarily remember things in order… so why should a story?

And yet again our plans have changed.

A book with disorganized, but numerous amount of memories put together to create one story.

Now, wouldn't that be intriguing?