Broken Word

I'm not sure when I'm finally going to learn
That mistakes are not meant to be repeated
That you're supposed to thank them for the lesson
Wave goodbye
And continue down the road to make a few new mistakes
Without looking back on the one you'd previously made

But no, that's not what I did
I was the one who did the stupid thing
The very idiotic thing
The one people would look at and say:
What were you thinking?

I didn't take the scars as a reminder
About what had happened the last time
I didn't take the subtle hints, the rocks in the road
I ignored it
I skipped over the warnings signs and dove right back in

Stupid, stupid, stupid
When will I ever learn?
When will I tell myself stop?

I rack my brain at night
Telling myself it shouldn't happen again
It won't happen again
But how can I trust myself?
When I've broken my own word every time?