Steps on the grass, so gently, so kind,
back on the ground, smelling the sunlight burning the skin,
sounds so empty, so endless,
it kills slowly, smiling.

They rest so unaware, so selfless,
and time steals their hearts,
the ticking haunting their minds,
am I alone? Has death already come?

Unused lays the mirror in his hand,
cracked and old it spies, it eats the world it craves,
never its eyes had seen what they were,
souls so bright, breath uneven as life sucks their essence.

Tree leaves fall, kissing, caressing their skin,
so alone, so stunned, their awakening to never come,
lost within the dreadfulness of reality, the solitude of their nightmares,
the wind blew disappearance, silver and gold end.

It comes to her, running it returns, wrapping its light around her body,
she sits and looks around, innocent, old eyes taking the glorious beauty in,
insignificance is not a word but the past, she hugs herself and chokes on tears,
Is this reality? Am I lost?

Warmth seeks the cold, bending its dark against the light,
he lies still, she awaits, the clock ticking inside their minds,
time's not to be wasted,
the mirror breaks further, burns, ends.

He opens his eyes to the sky, the sun kisses,
no longer killing, it smiles, waiting sadly for the rest,
those who will be facing the judgemental burn of its rays.