Santana High (dedicated to my alma mater)

By: Shannon

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I attended Santana High School for all 4 years, graduating in 1999. This is my tribute to the victims in the school shootings at Santana, Granite Hills, Columbine, and others. I am very thankful I graduated when I did. Before the fateful shooting on March 5th, I always thought that something like this would never happen here. I never thought that Santana, my own alma mater, would fall victim to a school shooting. I pray daily before I eat my breakfast, before I read the paper, that God would protect us.

As the winds swept
Over the trees
The students at Santana one fateful day
Fell on their knees.

On that fateful day
A gunman came
Although armed
Like the other students, he looked just the same.

Full of hurt
Full of anger
The boy pulled the trigger
Hurting friends and strangers.

People started to ask
Questions like, "Why?"
But most would answer
With a deep and sorrowful sigh.

Randy and Bryan
Those who lost their lives
Their deaths stung loved ones
Like a thousand knives.

At a nearby high school (Granite Hills...about a few miles away from Santana)
Another gunman pulled the trigger
Adding another school
To the statistic figures.

I wondered,
After Columbine
I figured that
We've learned our lessons this time.

Every day,
I kneel before Him
Praying that our future won't be so grim.

Can't we all get along
Can't we all learn to love
To care and to be peaceful
And not to push or shove.

People have feelings
Big and tall
Black and white
And short and small.