I also never said anything about alternate universes! Hahaha! Take that Ben!

I got this idea from all the Alice in Wonderland stuff I've seen floating around the world. Such as Alice in the Country of Hearts, Pandora Hearts, and my sisters' playing the Alice in Wonderland video game. So I thought I'd give this a try, with Tommy and Jason, because I love them so much!

Sorry to Tommy's parents, who I have nothing against, and wish hadn't had to die for this story to work.

Characters are from my Tommy and Jason series, but you don't have to read any of those to understand this.

Tommy in Wonderland (YaoiLand)

I was sick of life. Two years before, everything had been fine. I'd lived a happy life with my mom and dad in a nice neighborhood, and everything had been good. But then my parents had died in a car crash, and I'd been sent to live in a orphanage. It was like the plot out of some teen drama book, and I hated that I was the one starring in this one.

My heart was broken after the death of my parents, who'd accepted everything about me, even when they figured out I was gay. After that, my mother had dragged me with her on shopping trips, even though I wasn't that kind of gay.

Currently, I was laying on his bed, reading a book that a little girl in the orphanage had let me borrow. I got my own room, since I was the oldest kid here, having only months before my eighteenth birthday. I couldn't wait to get out of here. It wasn't that the people here weren't nice or anything, but there was no chance of me getting adopted at such a high age, and watching all these children walk away with their new families only reminded me everyday of what I had lost, which is why I was glad I had my own room. Nobody could see him cry.

I put down the book I was reading. It made no sense to me. That place seemed more like a Horrorland to me. The world was clearly over run by sadists, such as The Queen of Hearts, and The Cheshire Cat, and The Mad Hatter. Basically, they were all out to get Alice. A voice called from down the hall, the woman in charge telling everybody it was time for dinner. I heard dozens of doors open and feet go running down the hall, but I did not rush to join them. Instead I rolled over and looked out the window, into the back garden, where the flowers grew.

And suddenly, right before my eyes, I saw something I never would have ever imagined. A boy ran past the garden, obviously in a hurry. I didn't recognize the boy, who appeared to be about my age. But this was not the strange thing. The strange thing was that the boy had white rabbit ears, and a tail. Not only that, but he was dressed weird, like he'd just stepped out of a fantasy story. I blinked and waited for him to evaporate, a mirage brought on by my depressing thoughts, but he was still there, running across the garden.

I looked down at the book I'd just been reading, a weird comprehension setting in.

"You've got to be kidding me." I said. This couldn't be happening. This had to be a dream. That's how Alice in Wonderland ended, right? She was dreaming the whole time. So this must be a dream.

I approached my window and watched the boy go. He was very good-looking, I couldn't deny that. He was taller than me, had a good body build, way better than mine, and hair, that even though it matched color wise, was full of more color, and life. His face was good-looking too.

What was I supposed to do? Was I supposed to chase after him, like all the Alice's that had been scattered through history in movies, books, and mangas? But that seemed like a stupid idea, at least to me. Over the years, I'd always laughed at the Alices, and the way they had chased after something that was clearly strange.

And yet, I found myself opening my window, and climbing out. I told myself I was only doing it to see if the ears and tail were real. Maybe he was just a freak, running around in strange clothes and fake bunny ears. It was possible. I also told myself that I was chasing him because he was good-looking, and I just wanted to learn his name. I was not chasing him because I was stupidly curious, like Alice.

I went after him. He'd darted behind a tree, so I quickly went over, shouting, "Hey!"

When I turned, I was surprised to find him still there, sitting at the edge of a hole at the base of the tree that had never been there before, legs dangling over the black abyss. I was even more surprised that he was looking up at me, having actually heard me. I was still a little convinced I was imagining him, and that he would be gone. But there he was, looking up at me with beautiful eyes. His rabbit ears twitched in interest, like he hadn't expected me to see him.

"Hello there." he said, and suddenly, I couldn't think of anything to say. I mean, what do you say in this kind of situation? I was stumped. Finally, I settled on plain old, "What are you doing?"

"Going." he said, like it was obvious and needed no explanation. I huffed.

"Going where?"

"I'm going to where I'm going." he answered, smiling.

Now he was just trying to annoy me.

"And where are you going?" I asked, staring down the hole. I couldn't see anything at all, and I wondered if it even had a bottom. It had to though, right? Since he was planning on jumping down it. He wouldn't want to just fall forever.

"Why do want to know?" he asked, and I found myself staring at his ears. They looked soft, and I kind of wanted to touch them. But that was bad manners, since I didn't even know his name. Or where he was going. Then again, I had a feeling I knew where he was going.

"Are you coming with me?" he asked, sounding interested. For a minute, I didn't comprehend his voice, because I was still staring at his ears. Rabbit ears! On a person! Then he cleared his throat, obviously catching me staring, and I blushed, and looked away.

"Why would I go with you?" I asked.

"Then why do you need to know?"

"You're going to the Queen's, aren't you?" I guessed, and his eyes widened in shock, rabbit ears jumping up straight.

"How did you know that?" he asked, standing up. Up until then, I'd been taller, but now he was inches above me, so I moved back, trying to get him out of my personal space. But he moved forward, and grabbed my wrist.

"Can you see into the future?" he asked in a whisper, and I frowned. Didn't he know he was a well-known story book, movie, anime, manga plot? Clearly not, since he was still staring at me, waiting for my answer. I held back a laugh.

"Don't be stupid." I said, but he didn't believe me.

"Come on!" he said, wrapping his arms around my waist, and moving to the edge of the hole.

"Wait a second!" I shouted, struggling to free myself from this sudden assault. But as I'd stated, he was a lot bigger then me, and therefore, it would stand to reason that he was a lot stronger than me. But I didn't give up, reaching out to grab on of the lower branches on the tree, and kicking my legs. The rabbit boy tightened his grip around me.

"Don't move." he said, and I felt one of his hands press against my side. Suddenly, I was paralyzed, unable to move anything except my mouth and eyes.

"What the hell did you do!? I screamed. "Put me down!" Did this rabbit fucker just do a spell on me? I don't remember the white rabbit being able to do that. Also, I don't remember him kidnapping Alice!

Wait a second.

If this was supposed to be a fucked up version of Alice in Wonderland, didn't this obviously mean I was Alice?

What the hell? Why did I have to be a girl?

The rabbit fucker was holding me tightly again, and he crouched, preparing to jump down the hole. The dark, endless hole.

"Hold on!" he shouted, and he jumped.

As far as I could see, I didn't really have a choice, did I?

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