Today, I finally got everything in order. As in, what's happening, why it's happening, why Tommy and Gabriel lost their memories, such and such. It will mostly make sense, and maybe a little bit won't. If so, too bad, it's Wonderland, it doesn't have to make sense.

Chapter 17

Looking down at the land under me gives me a funny feeling. Some things felt new, and some felt like I'd seen them already. I didn't know what to be amazed at. They had told me that I came from a different world, so I'm sure that when I got here, everything had amazed me, but now, only some things did, while others felt familiar.

"Did I tell you about my life in the other world?" I asked Jason, whose hand I was still holding. It was the second day of my journey with them, (that I remembered) and nothing dangerous had happened since the attack the day before. It was probably hard to catch up to people riding on a dragon.

"Well..." Jason started, and then trailed off, which is never a very good way to start a sentence.

"Hmm. My guess is it sucked, huh?"

He shrugged noncommittally.

"Well, your parents are dead."

The words should have hurt me, of course, made me sad, but it was kind of hard, since I didn't remember them at all. That was what actually made me feel bad. The fact that I didn't feel bad.


"But, you did find them again here in this world." he added, and I blinked.


He explained the festival to me, and how I had seen my parent's spirits, also explaining along the way, that Luke and Diana are my dead siblings, who somehow are here in this world. I ask if maybe they're just alternate versions of my lost siblings, but he explains how the three of us had all cried on first contact, and how my parent's spirits had gone to them too. So, they were my siblings.

"How's that possible?"

He shrugged again. "I'm not sure, Tommy."

Once we land for the night, I go over to Jayden, and ask the same question. It's not that I think the others are dumb, I don't know them well enough to judge, but Jayden seemed calmer, and more likely to think of an answer for me. William was there too, and as I walked up, it looked like Jayden was brushing his hair for a second, but then he spotted me, and his hand dropped out of William's hair. Did he not want people to think he liked William? That seemed odd, considering everyone in this group was in love with someone of the same sex, except the twins and Jazz. I didn't ask William to go away as I asked my question, and he listened silently.

Jayden leaned back, and reached into his coat, pulling a full cup of tea from his pocket. He took a sip, and then shook his head, like it had tasted bad, and dumped it out on the ground, before picking up the hat on his head, and putting the cup under it, and placing the hat back on his head. Music is constantly playing around him, and right now, it's kind of quiet and calm.

"My best guess, based on what I've seen, is that their souls came here after they died."

Well, I could have guessed that. Their souls definitely hadn't been here while they were alive.

"Okay, but then why am I here?"

"Maybe your soul missed them so badly, that you found a way to enter our world."

I guess if my parents had died, (which they had) while carrying my unborn siblings, I would be pretty depressed.

"You are magic." William added. "Maybe you had enough magic to create a way to come in to Wonderland, because you were subconsciously searching for your family."

It made just as much sense as anything else around here.

I left them alone then, and let them get back to whatever it was they wanted to do. The girls were gathered in a circle, laughing about something, and I looked over at Jason, who was talking with the twins, before sitting with them.

"Hey Tommy." Jazz greeted me warmly.


"How are you doing?" Abby asked. "You must be pretty tired."

"Kind of."

"Don't worry, we'll get your memories back." Katy assured me.

Suddenly, the trees around us started to howl, like a hurricane was blowing through. The dust and leaves and other forest foliage was blown around, and we all covered our faces. I shut my eyes to stop the dust from getting in, and when I opened them, there was a boy standing in the middle of our camp. He was dressed all in black, and had copper colored hair. His eyes were cold, as they swept over us.

"Gabriel!" Jayden gasped, and that's when I realized it was the brother I'd been told about. Jayden jumped up, and the music around him sounded frantic, and as I listened, I heard it calm down. Jayden looked like he was trying really hard to be calm, and that was probably because he didn't want to scare his brother off.

"Why are you looking for Tyler?" he asked coldly, not looking at any of us except Jayden.

"For you." Jayden replied, walking closer. William was close behind him, and Jason came over to me, and whispered, "Stay back."

"What if he needs our help?" I whispered back.

"William's his best defense."

I looked back at William, who was practically glued to Jayden, holding onto his arm and leaning into him. Jayden didn't shake him off, which meant that this guy must have been very strong, if Jayden was going to let him do that without getting embarrassed, and take the help.

"For me?" Gabriel repeated. "Laughable! You haven't cared about me in years!"

Jayden shook his head, and the song around him grew sad. "Of course I care about you Gabriel. I speak only the truth. I want you to regain your memories too. Come with us. We'll find The Memory Keeper together."

Gabriel's eyes narrowed disbelievingly. "You're lying. You were trying to stop only a few days ago. What changed?"

"Tommy...explained to me that letting you remember could be for the best."

Gabriel turned to look at me. "Oh? And why do you care if I gain my memories back or not?"

Jason was hovering protectively, so that I was mostly hidden behind him, and the twins were coming closer too, but I didn't feel like Gabriel was going to attack.

"I've lost my memories too." was my simple answer. I'm sure that wasn't the only reason I wanted him to get his memory back. I must have felt like it was the right thing to do. But now, I identified with him. Going on like this would have been horrible if I had been alone, with no one to tell me about who I was before.

Gabriel's eyes widened. "What?"

"When I came here I started to lose my memory. Now, it's gone completely."

He stared at me silently, and suddenly, something clicked.

"Gabriel, if I lost my memory, and you did too, you might have come from my world."

Everyone gasped, Gabriel included.

"Maybe outsiders lose their memories when they come to this world." I explained, and everyone was silent as my words sank in. Gabriel looked around, looking lost. He looked at Jayden, and they locked eyes, both brothers looking confused.

"Come with us, Gabriel. We can get our memories back together."

He stared at me silently, and for a second, I saw his anger drain out of him. But then suddenly, just as quickly, it was back, and he was shouting, "You're all lying! You're trying to trick me, so you stop me!" The wind howled again, and Abby blocked Katy as debris flew by. Joe, apparently not liking the situation, curled his tail around me, blocking me effectively.

"No, we're not!" Jazz shouted. "We want to help you!"

The wind only picked up speed, and just as quickly as he had come, he had gone. For a few seconds, nobody moved, or said a word, but then Jason asked me, "Tommy, how did you think of that?"

I shrugged. "I don't know. It makes sense doesn't it?"

Jayden, who was reaching into his pocket with a shaky hand, nodded, "He's right. It makes sense."

"But then, how did he get here?" Abby asked.

"Probably the same way Tommy did." Katy answered, and Jason shook his head with a smile.

"I didn't carry him in." he joked, and I smiled up at him.

"He must have created an opening too." I answered. "To find somebody here in Wonderland. The same way I did."

"The way you might have." Jayden corrected. "I don't know if that's really the case."

I nodded. "Right."

"Hey, let's get some sleep." Jason interrupted the conversation. "We're all exhausted, and we need to get an early start, because The Queen is probably still chasing us." Everyone agreed, and Jayden turned and vanished into the woods, just out of sight, William still holding his arm, now to comfort him. Abby and Katy curled up together, and the twins told Jazz she could sleep with them.

That left me with Jason, who I leaned against, and dropped my head onto his shoulder.

"Hey, Jason," I said softly. "Tell me about your childhood. What were your parents like?" It was my attempt at conversation. He knew a lot about me, but I didn't know much about him back, besides the fact that he was a magic boy with rabbit ears.

"I don't have parents."

I looked at him in shock. "What? Of course you do. You mean you didn't know them?" I clarified, but he shook his head.

"Nobody in this world has a mother or father. We're not sure how we're created, but we just appear in this world, around the age of four. We raise ourselves."

I crinkled my eyebrows, trying to make sense of this. No one in this place had parents? They just...appeared? How odd. Strange.

"Hm. It must have been lonely." I said, not really wanting to think to much about it right now.

"At first, but after a few years, I found William. It only got better from there."

I smiled, and leaned into him more. He put an arm around my shoulder, and I felt him kiss me softly on the head.

This world was confusing, and weird, and I didn't have my memories, and we were being hunted by a crazy woman who wanted to cut my head off, but really, it wasn't all that bad.