She slunk into the darkened hotel room like a jaguar prowling. The light bounced off the water in the pool and shone into the room pale blue bands, rising and falling delicately across the walls. As she walked into the room it felt as though she was descending down in the ocean: the air around her became thick with heat and smelt disgustingly salty. Her long hair whipped around her head whilst she turned into the room, the strange lighting from the pool silhouetting the two bodies on top of the bed; their bed.

She moved in closer, her strides were long but slow, as though she was savouring each moment the mass in front of her moaned and grunted with obscene pleasure. Her hand clenched tighter on the red bottle hanging dead in her left hand. Silently she gripped the satin sheets and she ripped them back, as though tearing off the skin to some deformed hideous monster.

The pair stopped moving and silence quickly slithered in, coiling around the accused pair waiting until it would constrict and kill. Suddenly the woman, still below the man, screamed a pathetic girlish mewl. Light reflected off the mirror and the man caught the dangerous smirk that slid across the girl's face, she pulled back a stray strand of blonde hair and tucked it back behind her ear.

Softly she giggled, it echoed around the room demolishing the silence. She lifted up the red canister and shook it; the swish-swish of gasoline broke the spell upon the man and quickly moved himself off the stranger. As he began to reach for the bottle the girl laughed and danced backward so his fingers scraped across her arm harmlessly.

"Don't…don't do it Lana," pleaded the man, his voice was not only weak but was effeminate.

She looked down on him; her dangerous smirk had morphed into a frightening grimace full of malice and power.

She scoffed, "Like that's going to stop me."

Without a moment's hesitation she flicked the cap open on the can and pelted the contents across the two. The liquid glistened as she poured like liquid crystal and it coated the sinners; truly too beautiful for them. They gurgled and grunted while their arms and legs flailed desperately trying to fight back but in vain. Lana was too deft for them.

The woman became frozen and sank back onto the bed sobbing. The man tried to regain control but soon slicked with oil could not grip Lana. She emptied the bottle on their bodies and flung the bottle into the corner of the room. It hit the wall with a dull thump and she lifted up the lighter its sleek shape seemed to draw attention towards it and she pulled back on the grindstone, the flame sprung up eagerly as though it could taste the gasoline nearby.

"This is a mistake! Please, put the lighter down. Don't. Please-" The man yelled, but Lana stared dead with her cold blue eyes and dropped the flame onto the bed.

Instantly the flame spread, drinking up the gasoline and it jumped onto the man coating him in yellow and illuminating the room. He shrieked with agony, his voice inhuman and twisted. Lana smiled with satisfaction and turned away as the heat grew intense. While she slunk out of the room she was aware of the stranger's voice joining with her beloved. She shut the door leaving the couple sing their song of desire and embrace in the light of passion. Quietly she smoothed down her navy dress and slunk away into the shadows like a content lioness.