"Once upon a time, there was a scientist. He was just a regular ole' scientist. He studied things, he did his fair share of experiments, he even wore his white lab coat everyday to work.
The scientist never even imagined that his name would go down in history.
One night, the scientist was out studying the stars. He had always loved the stars and they were always his favorite thing to study.
The scientist got so carried away while looking through his telescope that he leaned too hard on it, that it broke. He was devastated. He still wanted to look at the stars more. So out of desperation, the scientist tried to fix his telescope. He managed to put it back together, with the exception of a few screws and bolts laying next to him on the grass. The scientist excitedly looked through his newly repaired telescope, he didn't realize that those screws and bolts made a difference. Instead of seeing the stars the scientist initially wanted to see, he saw something that would change the life of many. He saw a planet.
Normally, a planet wouldn't have been such a big deal. People would've talked about it for a month, then the news was old. Except for this planet was different. The scientist did some research, and deemed the planet a "second earth". Other scientist tried to disapprove his theory, but the more they researched, the more he was right.
The scientist got many awards and recognition for his discovery. He didn't care though, all he wanted to do was study his planet.
The sad part was that the scientist was a family man. He had a beautiful wife and two kids, but after his discovery, he never thought a single thought about them again.
His wife was devastated. She wanted her husband back. After not coming home for a week, she fell into a depression. And then, somehow, she was offered a job as her husband's assistant. She took it and also became emerged in her work. Her two children were left in the dust.
The older brother was rarely home. Only coming home for a shower and a change of clothes. The younger sister was left to live in a empty house alone, crying herself to sleep every night. She missed her family terribly. She missed the days where her brother would give her piggy-back rides, and her mother would make her famous chocolate-chip cookies, and her father would let her stay up late and watch the stars with him. She cried at the thought that the planet took it all away from her."
"Is that it?!"
"Where's the happy ending?"
"There has to be more, right?"
I shook my head. The kids protested even louder. "MORE, MORE, MORE!" they chanted.
What else was I suppose to tell them? That the girl's parents volunteered her and her brother to go live on the very planet that separated them? Did they really want her telling them that?
I saw a few of the older kids staying quiet. They knew who I was and they knew who my father was. They knew that the story didn't have a happy ending. But it will, eventually. I was through with crying.

2 years ago.
My coat was on, one foot out the door, and car keys in my hand.
"Where do you think you're going?" a voice behind me asks.
I turned around.
My mother.
Or at least, I think it's my mother. I haven't seen her in a good two, maybe three years.
"Girlfriend's house. It's our one year anniversary." I say proudly.
"Well, it looks like you won't be seeing her tonight, I have something important to tell you and your sister."
She grabs my wrist and pulls me into the kitchen. I shot her a dirty look, but she didn't seem to notice it.
My sister was already there. She looked different. She was taller, her brown hair was longer, and her matching brown eyes were more observant. I realized I haven't seen her in a while either.
"So, why are we here?" my sister asks.
"Countries from all over the world have decided to send there citizens-kids to be exact- to your father's planet."
"Kids? They're sending kids?" I question.
"Why?" my sister and I both ask.
"They need a generation to establish the rules, get to know the land, have time to set things up before the next generation can take place."
"Will there be any adults going?" my sister asks.
"No. If there were adults going, things wouldn't go as smoothly as it could. The adults would split into groups, people would want power, things would get messy."
"But do you really expect kids to do all of that? Come on, they're just kids." I say. Kids should be going to school, playing video games, stuff like that. Not 'establishing' a planet. My sister nodded in agreement.
"The age limit is 6-17. The older kids will be able to get everything done."
"How do you know that for sure?" Lauren asks.
"Because you two will be going too."
"What?" my sister and I both ask in unison.
"I said, you"
"I know what you said. Why wasn't I asked if I wanted to go or not?" my sister interrupts.
"It wasn't your decision. It was me and your father's decision."
"It is darn right my decision! What if I refused to go?" Lauren growled.
My mother sighed. "Sweetheart, you know how much this is important to us."
"Well, aren't we important to you too?" tears started to fill Lauren's eyes.
My mother sighed. Again. "Honey, you're father and I had a long day at work, we're exhausted."
"You're too exhausted to care about you're own children?" tears were freely falling from Lauren's face now.
I wanted to do something. I wanted to stopped the crying, I wanted to hug her, I wanted to go stand by her, but Lauren had already ran upstairs to the safety of her room.
The next year of our lives was spent in training. And before I knew it, another year had past and we were already boarding the spaceships.

Everything about the departure day was hectic. Scientist were running around frantically, making sure everything was right. Kids were crying, screaming, and refusing to go. Other parents were arguing with my parents. On the other hand, my brother and I just stood there. In the middle of all of it. Eventually, my parents made there way towards us. We didn't have a tearful goodbye, and I didn't expect one. Basically, all they did was told us to collect a lot of data. My father did shoot us a worry glance, but he didn't do anything more. Then they were gone. A couple of minutes later, a voice on the speaker said it was time to go. On our way to the big six silver ships standing next to each other, I saw a family. A real, loving family. They were hanging on to each other, not wanting to let the girl in the middle go. Guards tried to break them up, but they wouldn't let go.
"Daddy, daddy!"
"Yes sweetheart?"
"Can I watch the stars with you?"
"Of course. Just don't tell your mother I let you stay up this late."
The little girl nodded excitedly and zipped her lips shut.
A comfortable silence fell upon them as they continue to gaze at the stars.
"Yes sweetheart?"
"Do you love me?"
"I love you very much. As long as the stars are still glowing, that's how long I'll love my little girl."
"Yes sweetheart?"
"I love you too."
I shake away the memory. We might have been a family at one point in time, but times have changed. We're definitely not a family now.
My brother and I board ship number one. 48 new faces turned to look at me.
"Our new family." my brother whispered.
He managed to get a smile out of me. I liked the sound of that.

I sit down in the chair that I would be sitting in for a very long time. How long? I don't know, I didn't really pay attention to the training.
"How long does it take to get to the planet?" I ask.
Big mistake.
Some of the kids bursted out crying, others gave me dirty looks, most of them ignored me. One boy answered me. "9-13 days."
"Thanks." I held out my hand to introduce myself "I'm Alexandra, if you want, you can call me Alex."
He gave me a nice, firm handshake "Logan."

"WHYYY?!" I screamed. I threw my cards on the ground, but since we were in space, they floated to the top.
"Third time in a row you lost." Victoria-or Tori-noted.
"It's not my fault! I swear Ryan is cheating!" I glared at the young 8 year old boy.
"No I'm not! He's lying!" Ryan said as he raised his hands in an "I'm innocent" gesture. Causing his cards to float to the top too.
Everybody laughed.
I rub the little boy's head affectionately, in return, he gives me a toothy grin back.
Eight days have passed since we boarded the ship, everyone has already warmed up to each other. But I know it won't last for long, once we reached the planet, everyone will revert back to their closed-off selves.

Eight days on this ship and kids were still crying. Frankly, it was getting annoying. I wanted to throw something at them and yell "SHUT UP!". But I don't think that would make such a good first impression. Yup, eight days and I only know one person on this ship: Alex. To be honest, I'm glad I met her. I probably would've gone crazy if she hadn't introduced herself. She's a little weird, but she has her own sense of humor. I respect her too. Not once has she complained about our situation. It's a nice change from all the people surrounding me. I'm just lucky I met her. Oh great. It sounds like I'm in love with her or something. Trust me, I'm not. I've only known her for eight days, you can't fall in love with someone you known barely over a week. So yeah, just friends.

Black. Black. Black. Yellow. More Black.
Being on a spaceship is boring. So so so boring.
Basically, being on a spaceship is the same as being on a plane. Except for one is in space and the other is in the air. But anyways, the first couple of minutes (maximum=4 minutes) seem cool, then it all goes down hill from there. Now you're cursed to sit there and endure it for the rest of the ride.
"Are you bored?" the girl next to me asked.
My head shot up. Was she offering some sort of entertainment?
"Yes." I immediately answer.
"You could watch this movie with me..."
I suddenly notice the TV screen in front of her.
When did that get there? Actually, where did it come from?
"uh, I'm watching Mulan."
I grin "Best. Movie. Ever."
She grins back.
I held out my hand "The name's Lucy."

21 days. That's how long it took for the ship to land. 21 days. 21 freaking days.
When the ship finally landed, I jumped out the door.
Everyone clapped.
"Now say "one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." a girl commented.
I stared at the ground, didn't even realize I was the first one to step on the planet. People started following my example and eventually all 50 kids were on the planet's surface.
"Uh guys?" a girl about 13/14 years old asked.
Everyone turned to face her.
"I'm pretty sure you'll think I'm stupid for asking this, but what's the planet's name?"
"Planet's name?"
"Like you know...Earth, Saturn, Jupiter, I've always called this the planet. I mean, let's face it, we're probably going to spend the rest of our lives on this planet" a few kids tensed up "might as well give a name to something we need to learn how to call home."
A few kids nodded in agreement, I ended up nodding too. The girl was right. Our new home needed a name.
"Didn't the scientist who discovered it already named it?" another kids asked.
Looks were exchanged. The kids didn't want to remember what brought them here, they just want to end that chapter and continue on with the book.
"Does anyone actually remember the name?" I ask, loud enough for everyone to hear me.
A few kids bit their lips. They obviously knew the name, but didn't want to say it. Other kids were thinking hard. They obviously didn't know it. Some kids stared at me, trying to figure me out.
A waited another moment before saying "Okay. If no one knows it, then why don't we just come up with a new name? Any suggestions?"
The kids shouted out their suggestions, trying to be louder than the kid next to them.
I raised my hand. Kids stared at me confusedly before raising their hands too. Ah, years of elementary school actually do come in handy.
"Who said "K"?" I asked the crowd.
A boy stepped up.
"What's your name?"
"Spencer." he answers.
"Why the letter "K"?"
"You know, K for kids."
It was stupid. I know, but honestly? I really liked that name.
"Planet K." I say, testing out the name.
"I like it." a girl said.
A chorus of yeses and yeahs and other forms of agreement went around the crowd.
"Guess it's settled. Planet K."
Eventually, the other five ships landed on the planet. By then, everyone from my ship was already prepared and ready to go find a location to settle at.
"You can go ahead and find a place, if you want."a boy tells us.
I nodded and started walking towards, well, I don't really know where. My shipmates followed me.

"Which one is yours?" I ask Ryan.
He pointed to a dark blue suitcase.
Surprisingly, it was light. I expected it to be heavy, like mine.
"Do you have anything in here?"
He shook his head "no". "Only some clothes."
I opened it. Articles of clothing barely filled half the suitcase. "No pictures? Toys? Anything?"
He shakes his head again. "I didn't have any pictures or toys to bring with me." he saw the confused expression on my face and continued on "A fire burned my house to the ground. All the pictures were destroyed and my family was killed."
I looked at the young eight year old boy in front of me. I placed my hand gently on his head "Do you mind if I'll be your family from now on? I'll promise we'll make tons of memories that even pictures can't capture."
The little boy grinned up at me. I'll take that as a yes.

"Why is this hill so steep?" a kids from the back complained.
I wouldn't blame them for complaining. This hill is steep. I'm surprised I haven't fallen yet.
The handle on my suitcase suddenly breaks. Tumbling down the hill, luckily, it didn't hit anyone.
Great. I don't fall, but my suitcase does.
"Guys, just continue on without me."
A few of the kids looked nervous, but continued on anyways.
The contents of my suitcase was everywhere. Great, just great.
"Need help?"
"Michael, didn't I tell you to continue on?"
"I thought brothers didn't apply to that rule. Besides, Ohana means family, and family means no one gets forgotten or left behind."
I smiled. Whenever we were younger, my family would choose a random old movie to watch. Lilo & Stitch had been a family favorite.
I began picking up some of my clothes.
"Hey, what's this?" Michael asks.
I look up, in his hands held a white envelope.
"I don't really know..."
So how do you find out? You open it. Duh.

Dear Lauren,
On the day you were born, I vowed I would be the perfect father. I admit, I have strayed far from that path. I have become a very self-absorbed man. I apologize for being selfishness, and I apologize again for not being there for you.
I would like to apologize to you for one more time. This was for my own immaturity. You see, I kept a secret from the whole world that shouldn't have been kept hidden. If I told the whole world my secret, my reputation-the planet's reputation- would've been ruined. I could not-would not-let than happen. So I buried the truth. Recently, I've been questioning my decision whether or not I should shed light to the truth. My decision is final. I will not tell the world what I have discovered, but I decided that you deserved at least a fair warning for what you will soon face.
There are creatures underneath the planet's surface, I do not know what they are. Maybe there are 'friendly' but I would not assume so. Expect the worse to come.
There is another thing I would like to discuss. Rapid Genetic Mutation is highly possibly. This may kill you or it may help you survive. Expect the worse to come.
-Your Father

My brother and I stare at each other, still trying to absorb the letter into our heads.
A loud crash and screaming could be heard near the ships.

Everything was normal, or at least, close to normal as our situation could get. One minutes later, everything was hectic. Kids were screaming, kids were running, kids were crying. Just like boarding day, except for a million times worse. Two out of the six ships had fallen over, giant weird brown colored monsters appeared out of nowhere attacking. Dead bodies were being thrown around by the monsters and blood was everywhere. Everything was wrong, this wasn't suppose to happen. The scientists didn't tell us about any of this.
"Tyler! Watch out!" Ryan yelled.
He pushed me out of the way.
I realized too late that one of those monsters were trying to kill me. But instead, they got Ryan.
Tears splashed down my face.
I screamed, but it was useless.

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