Lost me

I lay in my bed, waiting for sleep to take me. A full moon lights up my room just enough to see the clock hanging on the wall in front of me. Midnight. My eyes begin to feel heavy; I slowly sink into my bed, and begin to fade away into sleep.

Falling. I'm falling.

Quickly I open my eyes, watching as my bed gets farther and farther away. I hit the floor expecting pain, but I only pass through it as if it was a thin layer of old sponge, dissolving under my body. But surprisingly I keep falling, seeing my house as if it was floating in the sky. The sky is as black as it could get no stars to light it up. That's odd, because we usually have lots of stars in the sky here but that doesn't worry me right now because at the moment I am falling out of my floating house.

Chapter 1

Well, I'm walking in the forest near the gate, waiting for a miracle I guess. No such luck. Ever since the Oxtorims' took over nothing good has happened. I got nothing left at home, nothing to help me pass this horrible time. So walking and waiting will have to do. I remember these trees so differently, so much more… happier. But now, they're as dull and sad as ever.

I know that Glonn does not approve of me being here, but he not approving never stopped me before, so it won't stop me now.

I'm getting so lost in my thoughts when suddenly I see the strangest thing. I mean, no one is supposed to be out here, right? Definitely not like this, lying on the ground, so vulnerable to all the beasts roaming around. I take a few careful steps to this passed out girl. Something must have happened to her. I change the hurtful position she's in, so that she is lying on her back. She doesn't look like she belongs here. She is too delicate. I feel her heartbeat. She's still alive but her shoulder is crushed. I pick her up and start towards Glonn's shack. I can feel her heat against my chest. She is definitely a warm blood. That's a nice change. The cold air heats up all around her. I'm almost there when she opens her eyes.

"Ugh, Let me go!"

She screams and wiggles in my arms. You see, I am not a big fan of the screaming there for I do as she wishes. I let her go.

The girl screams in pain from the fall and mostly because of her shoulder. She just lays there looking at me with frightened eyes for a moment. Thinking I should break the ice, I say, "hi" she doesn't answer. I guess I understand her.

"Where did you come from?"

"Ugh…" she looks confused for a moment and then looks up to me. "My house" she says.

Well that was stupid.

"No kidding?"

"I mean… where am I? What is this?"

"I saw you laying there injured so I thought I should help you. You really need to be more careful, some wild creatures could have killed you, you know."

"What? What do you mean wild creatures? Are you high!? I just need to the hospital. Where the hell did you take me? What do you want from me?"

She's talking nonsense; I should probably get her some help from Glonn quick. But she doesn't seem to be willing. I guess I have to do what I think anyone would do in my situation. I'll knock her out.


Back at Glonn's I make it to the sofa and set the girl down. With the thump of her landing comes in the dwarf, an upset look on his face. "What happened?" he asks, setting the pot in his hand on the table.

"I found her like this in the forest, thought we should help her, what do you say about her condition?"

"I think we should wrap her shoulder up. Go get the bandages."

I went to the kitchen to get the bandages and after he took care of her shoulder, Glonn said that she just needs some rest.