A/N: Just a brief warning – this is all kinds of fucked up. Enjoy.

Watch it Burn.

She liked to smile. It made her feel pretty. She liked feeling pretty.
He liked to not smile. Because when he was in control of his emotions, he was in control of himself. He liked being in control.
She watched him, as she always did, and noticed that they were meant to be together. But he wasn't part of her plans yet. She smiled to herself, the tragedy filling her with a corrupted sense of happiness. Because she wanted him so bad, but not having him was so much better. The longing, the anguish and the crippling inability to do anything useful with herself, her words, her life, made her feel whole. But when that bile in her throat feeling faded, she was left with nothing. So she needed him. She needed what he brought, because thinking about him made her realise how unworthy she was, and that in turn made her feel like she was worth everything. The satisfaction was killing her. Literally.

He hated everything and anything in his life. Including her. Because she was all types of fucked up, and he knew she would benefit his life. That was all he looked for really. His mouth flickered and he knew, he could just tell that she was watching him. And fuck, did he love it. Almost as much as he truly hated her, and everything he couldn't have. She was looking extra thin that day, he noticed, and he encouraged it whole heartedly. Because then they were the same, in their stand still positions in life.
Face it; he was never going to amount to anything in his life. And he would rather give her up than let her move on without him. And as long as he felt the hate, he would never give her up. He was a selfish fucker and he loved it, because it meant he was hated. He savoured the hate. The hate made him powerful. Except her. She didn't hate him, so he hated her fucking guts, because someone needed to be fucking hated in that relationship. Jesus, he craved the fucking hate.

She didn't know his name, because that would ruin everything. It would ruin her fantasy of her being so thin she couldn't even feel herself, and him being insolent, next to her. Always next to her. And they would fuck everyone up, as fucked as they were and more. Because this world was going to be blind soon, and they weren't going to miss any involvement. She sighed and tilted her blonde head up. It was cloudy and she loved it. Because this type of cloud meant that it was going to storm. And destruction made her smile.

He saw her smile and clenched his fist, his jaw tightening. He would beat the fucking happy out of her if it wasn't for the fact that he knew that smile. It was the smile she had when she going to convert someone to their side. He didn't know her name, because he didn't need her name to hate everything about her. His eyes closed on an exhalation and his hand remained clenched. The feeling of his fist, ramming down on her pasty pale skin was too good to pass up. It was too bad that she was too fucking elusive for her own good. Lucky bitch. He sighed; disappointed that he wouldn't see the bruises, feel the warmth of her blood on his hands. Because of his hands. He swallowed thickly and rolled his neck. What would he give to burn this world down? Well, everything except her. He needed her. And he didn't give a shit about her, because her needs can be as big as fucking China, for all he fucking cared. He would always dominate over her. His fingers flexed, feeling the need to be wrapped around her pale throat, watching her unhealthy skin slowly darken with the lack of oxygen. He swallowed again. Yes, he would always dominate over her.

She rolled her sunken eyes at the mirror. If she was still alive, it meant she wasn't being as vicious as she should be. It meant she was failing. Some random bitch walked into the bathroom, and she glared at her through the reflection.
"What the fuck are you doing in here?" she snarled, her mouth feeling as vile as what it had just emptied into the shitty school toilet. The girl, no older than fourteen trembled. She wanted to smile. Now she was really achieving. The girl let out a squeak. Oh, this was just too easy. She slowly made her way towards the girl, watching in predatory satisfaction as the girl took a step back.
"Get out" she said in a tight voice, her putrid breath wafting to the girl, who visibly gagged. She smiled then, her skin stretching over her bones and felt something settle in her.
"Now" she breathed, and watched as the girl ran out of the filthy bathrooms. She shrugged to herself and winked at her reflection. She popped a piece of gum in her mouth and chewed obnoxiously as she walked out of the facility. Only to be slammed into the wall adjacent to the door. She blinked up at him and smiled.
"Sorry, I'm not that kind of girl" that was the wrong thing to say, and her body thrummed as her back cracked against the wall again. She loved it.
"Shut the fuck up" he snarled in her face and she did, only because his disgusting ego needed the pretence of control.
"What the fuck did you do to her" he didn't care and she shrugged and walked off, bored by his calmness. He almost ripped her shoulder out of its socket and she wanted to scream she felt so thrilled. She spun with wide eyes and opened her mouth. He stared at the marks his fingers formed on her wrist and she smirked while he couldn't see her. Then he looked up.
"I fucking hate you" she said and ran a cold finger down his face.
"I know" she cooed, wondering what she could do to get him really angry.
"You still trying to waste yourself away?" she stared into his irresistibly hate filled eyes and almost laughed.
"Who isn't?" he rolled his eyes at her theatrics and she felt her temper rise.
"Your daddy still knocking you around your crap shack?" the resonating crack of his palm against her face echoed throughout her chest and she wanted nothing more than to slit his throat now and watch him struggle to breathe. But she would restrain herself, because she wasn't as barbaric as he was. Bastard was fucking lucky. He was the only one who could get away with that.
"Your step father still violating you?" she tilted her head to the side, smiling as a drop of blood trailed from her mouth.
"Is it a violation if it's consensual?" he was staring at the blood in a way that made her want to throw up, naturally this time, and she fucking loved it.
"You're fucked up" she raised an eyebrow.
"Don't pretend you're not" she hissed back and watched as he removed his grip on her arm. The odd sensation of the blood returning to her arm made her smile.
"Make sure you don't eat at lunch" was all he said before he turned and walked away.
"I won't" Her smile brightened as she watched him walk away. Oh yes, he was definitely the person she wanted next to her when she fucked up the world. And fuck was she going to enjoy it.

He walked away, knowing that he was always going to keep her around, always obeying him, and he wouldn't care if she was going to accept it. Because it would be better if she didn't, as they watched the world burn. And he couldn't wait.

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Hope it wasn't too mentally scarring…

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