Its not too late to change
The judgements and the hate
There is no fate decided
Hand and pendulum swinging
There is nothing to fear
Just the hum of the lightless men
Who know the desperation of others
Is the most important weapon of all
Without our fear there is nothing
No power lost is not freely given
We cry to the heavens for a sign
Begging for a moment so we know our time
But in the end there is only a breath
That which we have taken in we give away
All this matter which buries our soul
Must find its way back to dust
To return to its point of origination
Where we all find that humble home
Of happiness and endless memories
So many have forgotten what this place is
It is only that which makes us grieve
Buried in the pain of self inflicted illusions
Which makes this memory a prison in itself
And in the end you will remember that all this
All that is your creation is also your salvation.