Hey Fictionpress! The Fierce wolf is back after so long. :D I have not Written in quite some time. I had some Ideas but I changed things as I thought and thought and by the end of my thoughts I wasn't happy with it anymore. Anyway after so long I decided to try and give you all a new addition to Wolf Tales, I hope you enjoy it and a review would really be appreciated.

Howling Out,

-Fierce Ookami

Defending What Is Precious

The Wolf sat at the edge of a stream

Lapping up water and washing off the blood from a fresh kill

Raising his head and turning, he watches proudly over his Pups

He would never have believed his life could get better still.

He could not even remember his former self.

The Wolf moved over to his tired Mate and sat by her,

Their pups playing before them without a care

A loud noise unknown to them rang out

The wolf stood alert moving between the noise and his family

His Mate stood and nudged her Pups to safety.

Standing before the Wolf was a strange creature

Two legs holding something that shone in the sun

Despite fear he knew he could not turn and run

Another of the noise rang and from his shoulder came pain.

The Wolf charged the Invader sinking his teeth into it

The strange object was thrown and the Wolf felt the hit

The creature ran.

The Wolf returned to those he cherished, nothing would steal them from him.