Remembering Maya

Life is a journey everyone must overcome.

~*~Full Summary~*~

After the sudden death of her sister, Maya, Emmaline is completely dumbfounded. To Emmaline, Maya was much more than a sister. The two did everything together, they shared everything with each other, and life without her just seems impossible.

There are endless possibilities as to what caused the death of her beloved sister, Maya, but only one can be the cause. Now it is up to Emmaline to use her wit, brains, and the clues left behind to solve this mystery. But thanks to Maya's love for traveling Emmaline has a bigger challenge then just piecing everything together. She must do so while traveling across the world.

On her journey she meets many of Maya's friends, enemies, and people who never thought they would hear about her again. All of them helping her uncover secrets about Maya no one had ever known. Secrets no one would have wanted to know. Secrets that are useful for only one purpose. And thanks to them Maya's sudden death is suddenly making sense.