"Life is a journey everyone must overcome." Emmaline murmured aloud. Everything about that statement was completely and utterly wrong. How many people had ended their journey early?

As Emmalie continued to study the few words scribbled on a sheet of notebook paper, for once in her life she felt angered and hurt. It was as if Maya felt as if her family and friends were no longer enough. Or maybe, Maya had already overcome the hardships in her life. Maybe she had already been able to bypass everything else and complete her journey.
However, Emmaline knew better. Maya would not have been nestled in the mahogany coffin, now six feet under the surface, if she had truly been able to overcome her journey.

"Life is a journey everyone must overcome." Emmaline pondered aloud once again. If it was a journey, why did so many people get to miss out on the adventure. Why was it that they got to skip all the memories, both good and bad.
After contemplating everything, Emma wondered if she truly wanted to live life.

A/N: This is just sort of a teaser for what's to come. It's not that great, and it doesn't have a very good ending, but I am posting this since the first chapter is taking forever to write!