"I don't like her." Will stated.
"Yeah, she's mean." Bethany agreed.
"Why did she have to pinch my cheeks?" Tyler asked. "It hurts!"
"She messed up my hair too! It took all morning to curl it!" Jesse complained.
"So we all agree she should go?" Lex asked.
"Duh. I'm pretty sure we agreed before the lady even walked through the door." said Zach.
Nathan nodded his head "So how should we do it this time?"
"I say we pinch her cheeks until she promises to leave Dad alone!" Tyler proposed.
The kids started to think about the pros and cons about this idea.
"Uh, sorry Ty, maybe next time."
"Maybe we could 'accidentally' pour syrup all over her head like we did the last one." Bethany suggested.
"Nah, then it wouldn't be any fun." Zach disagreed.
"Are all seven of them yours?" a lady's voice asked.
"No, my late wife adopted them, but I treat them like they're my own." Dad answered.
"Quick! He's coming! Act normal!"
All four of the boys ran for the video game controllers on the floor next to the bed, Lex quickly grabbed a book from the bookshelf, Jesse ran towards the mirror and started making faces at it, while Bethany jumped on the bed and grabbed her Teddy bear.
The door opened.
"Kids this is Charlotte, Charlotte these are the kids. Let me give you a proper introduction, instead of that pathetic one you had at the door."
Frank stared at his kids quizzically "Boys? Why are you holding controllers, but the TV isn't even on? Lexi, isn't your book upside down? Jesse, why are you making faces at a picture frame, and Bethany, why are you clutching a lamp?"
The kids bit their lips. Uh-oh.
"I was trying to get a different point of view in my book." Lex lied smoothly.
The rest of the kids followed her example.
"There were dust bunnies on the lamp, I wanted to make a dust bunny farm."
"Will has a weird face in this picture, I wanted to see if I could mimic it."
The boys struggled a little bit.
"While I was looking at the lamp, I accidentally unplugged the TV." Bethany intercepted.
The boys shot her grateful looks.
Frank just sighed before continuing on with the introductions.
"Nathan is my oldest. He's 16 years old. Jesse and Alexis are twins, they're both 15." Charlotte stared at the two girls. They looked nothing alike. When she first saw them, she would've never thought they were twins. Jesse has long brown hair and matching brown eyes while Alexis has black hair, glasses, and green eyes.
"Which one of you is the older twin?" Charlotte asks.
Alexis gave Charlotte a dirty look, but she didn't seem to notice.
"I am." Jesse answers, sticking her tongue out at Lex.
"Just because you're older doesn't mean that you act like it." Lex shot back. "Besides, it's only by two minutes."
"It doesn't matter by how long, all it matters is than I'm older. End of story."
Lex just rolled her eyes.
"That one over there is Zach, he's 15 years old like the twins, but his birthday comes later." Zach's tall with black hair (parts of it is dyed blonde) and dark blue eyes.
"Then it's Will at 14, and Bethany and Tyler at 9."
Will is a tall guy with sandy blonde hair and blue eyes. While Bethany has brown hair and gray eyes, and Tyler has brown hair and green eyes.
"They're all adorable." Charlotte concluded.
Jesse rolled her eyes. They all say that.
Tyler just hoped the introductions were over, they didn't matter anyways, she was going to be gone the next day.
"Well, dinner will be ready in the kitchen in a couple of minutes." Frank told his kids.
"Okay." the kids said in unison.
The door closed behind Frank and Charlotte as they walk towards the kitchen.
"Adorable? Really? How original." Zach said, sarcasm dripping from his voice.
"I'm not adorable?" Bethany asked in a small voice.
Nathan chuckled. "Don't worry Beth, you're definitely adorable."
She gave him a huge smile in return.
"So how are we going to get rid of her?" Jesse asked.
"Tyler could throw up on her shoes." Will suggested.
"Fake throw up or real throw up?" Nathan asked.
"Do we have time to make oatmeal before she leaves?" Lex asked.
"Kids! Dinner's ready!" Dad yelled.
The kids sighed heavily.
"What do we do now?" Bethany asked.
"Wing it?" Zach suggested.
"Looks like we have no choice."
They all left for the kitchen.

"Dad is going to kill us." Lex stated.
"It was pretty fun though, I'll die happy." Bethany said cheerfully.
"Who's going go watch over Dad if we're gone?" Lex asked.
Worry showed on Bethany's face "We can't die!"
"Let's hope Dad doesn't kill us then." Will concluded.
The kids entered the living room to face their doom.
Frank was pacing, his face was red from anger. "Sit down." he ordered.
The kids gulped.

5 minutes ago:
"Have you ever been to jail?" Bethany asked Charlotte.
"Uh, no I haven't sweetie."
"I heard of people that go to jail to help the prisoners. Do you not like helping people?"
"I like helping's just..."
"Do you think prisoners aren't worth helping? They're people too you know."
"Bethany, that's enough." Frank intervened.
Lex handed Bethany a cookie under the table.
"So Charlotte, what do you do for a living?" Nathan asked politely.
"I'm a doctor." Charlotte said proudly.
"Have you ever killed anyone?" asked Tyler.
"What?" he shrugged at his dad "I'm just curious."
Charlotte laughed. She laughed. "Winging it" was not working.
"Kids ask me that question all the time. No I have not killed anyone."
Will looked at Jesse, Jesse nodded her head.
Will pretended to throw a coughing fit as Charlotte and Frank looked at Will worriedly, the rest of the kids understood the plan.
"Hmmm, maybe a doctor should look at that..." Jesse suggested.
All the kids stare pointedly at Charlotte.
Charlotte makes her way towards Will's chair, Will then "coughs" the contents of his mouth all over her clothes. She screams. The girls cover their giggles by gasping with 'shock' the boys cover their smirks with concerns for Will.
"Hey Will, you okay?"
"Willie do you want some water?"
"Man, don't die now."
"Yeah" *cough* "I'm" *cough* "Alright." *cough*
Charlotte looks at her clothes.
"Sorry Frank, I think I'll be leaving now."
"But Charlotte..."
The kids wanted to jump for joy.

"What was that all about?" Frank asked his kids.
"Oh whatever do you mean, Father?" Jesse asked innocently.
"I'm not stupid." Frank continued.
"We know that."
"Every woman that you guys meet, they're gone the next day."
"Oh really? Never noticed."
"Will you guys just listen?" Frank asked.
The kids shut up.
"Every woman that you guys meet, you end up scaring off. When are you guys ever going to stop with this nonsense?"
The kids knew it was a rhetorical question, but they answered it anyways "When you find someone that won't run away no matter what we do."