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"How did you get this?" Zoe breathes wondrously as I wall into the new apartment behind her. Matt follows after me, carrying my duffel bag.

"Secret. Stop asking," I say, slipping off my navy blue converse.

Pushing past her, I look around.

Hemlik had gone all out, and I was happy to see the three doors leading off of the main room we were standing in.

"Can I put this down?" Matt groans, hefting my large bag. Ignoring him, I open up all three bedroom doors.

All the rooms have similiar set ups, a bed in the corner, a small dresser on the other side, and a desk with a simple wooden chair.

My room has two computers sitting on the desk, and a minifridge with several bottles of strawberry milk, much to my satisfaction.

Stepping out, I gesture toward the other two doors. "Zoe, this is your room, and Matt... Your room's right here," I say, not looking at him. He drops the duffel bag in front of my door and glances into his room.

As I head towards the black couch across from the wide screen TV, he calls my name.


"What?" I reply, sinking into the couch.

"Thanks. For getting me a room. And for including me."

"Sorry, Bella. I can't love you." I reply sarcastically, trying to brush off the comment, but still feeling warm and fuzzy inside, which is incredibly cliché.

"But- Edward- why?" Matt gasps out, pretending to be choked up.

"I'm a monster. I can't control myself. I might- Bella, I hunger for your flesh!" I say, trying not to giggle.

Matt laughs, but then his face grows serious. "Gray, what did Zoe mean, about giving away your secrets?"

"We're zombies," I say, turning on the TV. "Ooh, we have netflix. Lucky me."

"Gray, try to be a little less blunt," Zoe says, walking out of her room.

"Why should I? I'm not gonna lie."

"Is she serious?" Matt asks Zoe, and I answer.

"You bet I am. Didn't you hear me before? I hunger to eat you, Bella."

"Since when are you two zombies?" Mat asks, and Zoe grimaces.

"Since around yesterday evening. I encountered this one person, he passed on something, and I passed it onto Gray."

"Have you eaten anybody?"

"No. I'm getting really hungry, though. We were going to eat that one band, but you stopped us," I say accusingly.


"You better be. They looked really yummy."



"Guys, come on! We need to try and be friendly. How about we introduce ourselves?"

I roll my eyes. She sounds like a kindergarten teacher.

"Fine. Hi, I'm Gray, you don't need to know my last name. I'm seventeen, I like strawberry milk, and I was born in California on November 19. No siblings, no tragic past, and I don't like my parents. Next?"

"I want to know your last name," Matt says, sitting cross legged in front of me. Zoe follows suite. "Is Gray even your real name?"


"Matt, you go next," Zoe says hurriedly, probably sensing an approaching argument.

"I'm Matt Gillian, age nineteen. I was born in London on April 11, and I like apples and red-headed girls."

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I look at him with acquisitioning eyes. "That's it- just apples and girls. Wow, original." I scoff.

Matt gives me a jeering glance for a second, which temporarily frightens me- it was such a menacing stare. But then he softens, and takes a breath.

"I think... It's about time I told you two something..."

"What- what could you possibly have that could mean anything of importance to us." Gray intervenes.

"Shut up Gray," I say quickly, impulsively. She gives me a look of slight surprise, then resentfully allows the guy to continue. An uneasy knot twisting in my stomach makes me worried for what he has to say.

"I know about the zombies." He says quickly.

Gray simply stares.

"That's it? I knew we were wasting our time!"

"I've known, about the zombies." Matt continues with obvious irritation.

"How?" I inquire.

"I have a brother. His name's Cameron. Four months ago..." We both watch as he moves his hands around in the air around him awkwardly.

"He got bit."

I didn't even have time to react; Gray was already on the case.

"What the heck? You didn't think that was important enough to tell us a long freaking time ago?" Her voice is rising dangerously to a shout.

"Calm down, at least he told us." I say, in a pathetic attempt to simmer her down. We both knew it was useless.

"Don't even try Zoe." She shoots her direction to Matt. "And you... Ugh, I can't even look at you right now!"

"I told the bloody truth!"

"Don't talk- just don't."

There's nothing left to say, so we stand there like statues, breathing in the thick tension that built up between us. Gray continues to stare at the ground like she stared at tests back at her old boarding school. Then she realizes she's still in the room, and spins around on her heels, slamming her door with a bang.

I then stare back at Matt with uncertainty.

"Sorry about that..."

"It's alright," Matt sighs, cockily scratching the back of his head. "Think I'm used to her wrath by now."

I awkwardly rock back and forth on my heels, not really knowing what exactly to do. Then something pops in my mind.

"So if you know about zombies, then how many... Others are there?"

"Quite a lot actually. There's something you should know about how they work." He gives me a stern look- this must be more important than I thought it was. "Once someone is bitten, they turn into a thing called newborns. They need to have human blood in their system in the first twenty four hours or else they'll die-"

"Wait, what?" I cut him off, "it's been almost two days since Gray and I turned!"

"That's what I was trying to tell you before. There are two types of undead. Ones I call "smart" still have their human minds in tact."

"And that's what we are I'm guessing?"

"Exactly. The thing is, smart zombies are rare. All the smarts are the leaders of the Clan."


"What the group is called. Kinda cheesy if you ask me. Anyways, they basically control the common zombies. They really don't like being called stupid. But-" he nudges me with the crook of his elbow- "I do it anyways."

I try to laugh, but it sounds quite pitiful. "So which one is your brother?"

"A smart one, thank goodness. I don't know what I'd do if I was siblings with a slobbering stupid one."

"So... What do they talk about in their 'Clan'?"

Before Matt can give a reply, I see something whizz through the air through Gray's bedroom door. We both duck as flying strawberry milk nearly whams into us.

"Shut it out there!" Gray shouts, "trying to get some sleep over here!"

Matt and I stand up and exchange looks.

"To the Clan, then?"

"To the Clan."

Before we can get to the door, there's rustling in Gray's room. "You don't expect me to sit here while you discover more zombies like us do you?"

I turn towards her and smile. "Course not,"

She grabs a black jacket hanging from her door and walks past Matt and I.

"You two coming?" Gray cocks an irritated eyebrow as she walks though the door. With a sigh, I follow towards the land of the zombies.

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