In the city of New Athens, it would be a hard task for anyone to ignore the beautiful architecture and greenscape that earned the city the nickname, "Eden of Gunsmoke". However, like most days, Trayce D. King simply didn't have the time for such luxuries. He was too busy trying to keep all of the Athenians alive long enough for the city to have someone admire it. Maybe, one day he would have a chance to sit back and smell the roses. But it would not be today; certainly not today.

A Day in the Life of Trayce!


The roar vibrated through the Athenian streets as glass paneling and concrete walls alike were ripped to shreds as the body came careening through it. Trayce whirled his right arm in a gigantic circle, the metal armor upon his arm first glowing a brilliant orange before cooling down and becoming silver again. The man, known to New Athens, as "The Proud Lion" had been angered.

"I swear," Trayce said, looking from side to side at the on lookers as he strolled towards the massive hole he had just put in the wall. "I can't even go out to get a bite to eat without someone trying to do something stupid."

The man in the wall slowly stirred, sitting up, and shaking the dust from himself. Rising to his feet, he stepped out to meet Trayce, his chest meeting the much smaller Trayce D. King's face.

"You won't catch me off guard like that again, little man." The man remarked with a grin. "You got lucky I didn't catch your arm, rip it off, and beat you with it."

Trayce smirked. "Man oh man, I don't think you realize who you are talking to."

The man stepped forward, reaching out and pushing Trayce. Trayce didn't even budge, his shoulder only slightly turning.

"No, I don't, little man. I don't deal with such low rank amateurs. What rank are you? Huh? E? No, no, that little mosquito bit you hit me with was even F rank in power. I'd say you are still in the kiddy leagues."

Trayce turned back, again with his devil may care smirk upon his face. "Look. I am going to give you to the count of three to leave me, and all of these nice people, alone. If you don't, I am going to make you wish you hadn't gotten out of bed this morning. Trust me. It isn't worth it. Walk away."

For a quick second, it seemed as if the man was going to contemplate it. His hand went to his chin and his eyes to the sky as his microprocessor of a brain crunched the numbers and probabilities of Trayce's claim. Then, he punched Trayce in the face.

Trayce stumbled backwards, blood streaming from his nose. He wiped the blood from his face and narrowed his eyes to the man. Raising a hand, Trayce raised one finger.

"Okay, I'm going to count that as one. You have two more big boy, don't waste these precious seconds."

The man was already on the move by the time the words left Trayce's lips. A quick, yet massive, boot caught Trayce across his face, spinning him around before he felt the mans's arms grip ahold of his waist from behind.

"Let's see you shrug this off short stuff. GERMAN SUPLEX!"

With a massive pop of his hips, the man bent back and bridged, sending Trayce careening onto his head. The power of the throw crushed the ground beneath them, splintering and dipping down into a small crater. On lookers on both sides watched in awe as the man remained upon his toes, before releasing Trayce and nipping up to his feet. Trayce fell to the ground with a thump.

"See! All talk!" the man gloated, turning his back to Trayce and outstretching his arms, pandering to the crowd. "He didn't know who I am! I'm the Proud Lion! I am TRAYCE D. KING, the strongest mercenary alive!"

Immediately the crowd began to laugh. The man looked from left to right, desperately trying to figure out what was going on.

"Why are you laughing! This isn't funny!" he shouted.

"It's because you're a liar." A voice called from behind him.

Spinning on his heels, the man was shocked to see Trayce standing.

"H—How? I gave you one of my strongest techniques?!"

Trayce cranked his neck from one side and then the other before raising a hand and placing up two fingers. "That was two, big man. And to answer your question, you're in New Athens. Everyone knows who Trayce D. King is. He was born and raised here. They know that german suplex you threw was nothing but a cheap comparison. My german would have destroyed the whole city block."

"There is no way—wait, YOUR german?" he asked.

"Well, yeah. Didn't you know? I'm Trayce D. King."

The man's jaw hits the floor. "So, now that you know who I am, you got one more shot at this before I have to hurt you. Make this easier on yourself, please."

Looking around, the man suddenly tightens up, standing firm. "So what you're Trayce D. King! You may be tough but-" the man began a dead sprint at Trayce, leaping into the air and turning his body into a complete backflip of muscle, "-you can't deal with this level of technique! MOONSAULT!"

Trayce didn't even have time to move before the man came crashing down on top of him. There was a connection, a thunderclap and then an explosion of energy that threw chunks of concrete and sand high into the air. When the dust cleared, the man only remained, laying belly down upon the ground.

"See! No one can stand me—"

The ground began to shift within the crater that hand formed and slowly the man began to rise. A small shadow, about the size of a person, emerged from beneath the man, its arm raised high. Raising to his full height, Trayce held the man high above him, his single left arm holding up his weight.

"Weak man," Trayce muttered before raising his right hand and raising three fingers. "That's three. Three strikes and you're out, bro."

Slightly bending his knees, Trayce pushed upward with his arm, sending the man high above the heads of everyone. Trayce watched as he climbed, sliding back into a stance and pulling back his right arm. Balling his fist, Trayce let his energy flow into his body, his muscles taking on a bright orange shine.


With a flare up of power, energy overtook Trayce and flooded the city street. Cars, people and concrete structures all alike were thrown from the ground to the air as Trayce's form slowly changed. His short hair slowly began to grown into long, orangish red dreadlocks and his clothing shifted into an attire many of the patrons had never seen him in. It was as if he were becoming a completely different person.

The man, having reached his max height, quickly began to plummet, his body coming in on Trayce fast. The last thing to change were Trayce's eyes, becoming more feline and feral as his muscles exploded with more energy.

"The power of the beast runs through me! This is my jungle and I, its king! I have no equal! SHISHI-DAN!"

Throwing his arm forward, just as the man was in range, Trayce let his energy fly, the blast exploding from his fist in the form of a lion's head. The powerful Lion Bullet was enough to level any city but today it was a one way ticket out of the city as the man was propelled by the beast king's power. Up, up and away he went till there was nothing left but the orange streak that tinted the blue sky.

On the ground, Trayce released his energy, dropping the citizens (and their belongings) to the ground. With a yawn, he stretched his arms and smacked his mouth, reaching down and clutching his grumbling tummy.

"Damn. Now I'm all hungry. I wonder if that gyro place has any lamb left?

And that was it. Like any other day, Trayce continued about his life, knowing that this was just the first in a long set of incidents that was sure to befall him.