Chapter 23

Upon reaching home, I immediately jumped into the shower. When I was done, I realised that I had forgotten to take a change of clothes along with me. Feeling like I was on some kind of secret mission, I quietly opened the bathroom door and stepped out; all the while keeping my ears open to the slightest of sounds that would indicate Ranbir was awake. Hearing nothing, I stealthily tiptoed to my room. Seeing him still sound asleep, I breathed a sigh of relief. I slowly opened the doors to my wardrobe. They nonetheless creaked. I winced. Luckily, Ranbir didn't stir at all. I thanked God silently. Practicing more caution, I retrieved my clothes and other miscellaneous products from my wardrobe.


When I came back from the other room after putting on some clothes, he was stirring awake. So I walked up to the edge of the bed and bent over him, wanting to shake him awake from his shoulders. But, he was so far away from the edge of the bed that when he actually tried to turn away from me, I lost my balance and plonked onto him.

"Oh my God, I am so sorry!" I immediately sputtered. I tried getting up but I fell back down on him again. Ranbir grunted a little. He rolled me under him and stared at me through sleepy eyes. He looked so adorable in that state. All I wanted to do was lean down and kiss the tip of his nose.

Ugh. What is wrong with you, Tanisha?

"What were you trying to do?" he asked me, each word that came out of his mouth sounding like it required too much of an effort from him.

I was staring at him, totally lost in some world where we both were in this same position but for very different – delicious – reasons. Hence, when I replied, I sounded like I was drunk. Pulling himself away from me, he scrutinised my face, his eyes more open than before. "Are you drunk?"

Sitting up quickly, my forehead banged with his. I immediately went, "Oww!" and rubbed my forehead. He did the same. "Sorry," I mumbled as I pouted. He leaned in towards my face and kissed me at the painful area I was rubbing. Surprised, my immediate reaction was to pull away but his left hand was behind me as he leaned over me. I had to place my hands behind me to hold myself up. The position was getting increasingly awkward for me and I knew that soon enough I would be lying on the bed, underneath. "Umm..." I started. Now, in the daylight, I was feeling less confident than I was feeling before; more nervous. The closer he leaned towards me, the further I pulled myself away until I couldn't take it anymore and I blurted, "Morning breath!" He pulled back in surprise and I hastily rolled off the bed. Not giving him a chance to respond, I quickly said, "You can go bathe now. I will prepare breakfast. Be out fast!"


Breakfast was awkward. And that was all my fault. He tried to make a conversation but I simply refused to supply much of anything to it. That was his fault. He had invaded my thoughts. I couldn't stop thinking about him, about how we slept; about the kiss; about what he said about being the rebound guy and finally; about what I told Natasha earlier that day.

Reaching a conclusion, I suddenly straightened my spine and blurted out, "We can't do this." I slowly brought my gaze up to his face. Confusion was apparent in his eyes. "No-no, that's not it. I can't do this," I said with more finality.

"What are you talking about?"

"This," I exclaimed as I threw my hands up in the air. "Us! It is not gonna work. Not now, not yet. It is too fast." At this point I am sure I was an incoherent babble.

Moving towards me, Ranbir moved his hands to place them on my arms but I jerked away. "Babe, listen to me. Calm down. Shh – "

"No!" I moved away from the table with a push. "I can't let you be the rebound guy. I am not ready for anyone. Not yet." Looking into his eyes, I steeled my gaze and said, "You have to leave now." I motioned him toward the door.

Shocked, he questioned, "What?!" I didn't supply an answer. I stared at him quietly. Abruptly, he stood up. The chair dragged on the floor and I winced at the horrible sound it made. Ranbir took a few steps forward and I stumbled backwards. The closer he moved towards me the further away from him I stepped. Then, huffing angrily, he turned around, facing his back towards me. He was muttering under his breath as he ran his hands through his curly hair. I did not say a single word. Just as I was about to tell him to leave again, he sighed exasperatedly. Turning around to face me, he pinned me to my spot with his intense gaze. I gulped, feeling uncomfortable.

What will he do now?

"You really don't want me, huh?" he started. My mouth went dry as I tried to think of a way to answer without telling him the entire truth. I really did want him. There was no denying that. But, what if what I was feeling was just misery talking? After all, I was still seeing Danial up until a few days ago! As these thoughts whirled in my head, I gathered my features. Portraying nonchalance, I shrugged. Ranbir stared at me a little while longer before letting out a little laugh. He sounded hysterical. "Well, it was nice knowing you," he said bitterly as I opened the door, letting him out.

Closing the door, I leant my back against it and slid to the floor. Tears threatened to spill from my eyes but I kept myself under control. I was sprawled on the floor for quite some time. When I felt that I had enough of thinking about him, I stood up unsteadily and let out a shaky breath.

From this point onwards, I am not going to think about him, I told myself. And I never did; not until that fateful party…

The end.

Author's Note: Yes, you read that right. This IS the end of How Could You Do This To Me. Thank you for all the support you people have shown me. I would like to mention all of those who supported me. They are:

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