Fairytale Love Story

Everywhere I look,
Love fills the streets.
Couples holding hands,
Keeping each other warm.
A fairytale love story.

When is it my turn?
Where are you?
How will it turn out?
How long has it been,
Since I started asking?

He walks by,
Watching her.
Always, in the background,
Where I belong.

Hope, lost.
As usually,
I'm over thinking.
It's not my time.

Getting closer,
As friends,
Just friends

Thumping heart,
Could this be?

Closer and closer,
Is this my fairytale?
My story, unfolding?

Real or fake,
I wanna know.
I don't wanna guess.
The signs are all there.

Is my story,
Like a fairytale?
Finally unfolding or
Heartbreak nearing?