Crumbling Wall

Because I've gone through heartbreak,
I don't want to feel the same way again.
It hurts and I don't know if I can lose you now.

When I wait for your reaction, it feels like eternity.
At that moment I ask myself,
"Should I start protecting myself from you?"

Building that wall around my heart,
I tried, but with a delayed reaction from you,
That wall automatically crumbles to the ground.

You're clever, so don't you see the signs?
I feel like you're playing with the boundaries,
To see, if I feel the same at all.

Other girls maybe more straightforward,
But for me, I've never been as straightforward
To you then I have with anyone else.

I'm tired of guessing, I just want to know.
Do I? The answer, am I ready for it?
No, just let me live in this moment, forever.

Starting to doubt all the signs,
I feel like you're just getting annoyed with me.
Do you know the true reason behind my actions?

I don't want you to forget who I am,
I don't want to be one of those people,
Who you were with at that time.

Everything comes to an end,
That is how I feel about us.
When it ends, I'll be alone again.

To build that wall for my heart, to defend myself;
An impossible task for me,
But time is running out.