Game over

Pain engulfs me
Fear consumes me
Panic enters me
Comfort hides from me.

The cold darkness finds me
Wraps its hand around my heart
Squeezing it so tightly I can't breathe.

My head feels light as air
The room spinning before my eyes
Wheezing breaths falling from frozen lips
Liquid scarlet splashing the floor.

Cold blade in one hand
The other, stained red
Stars before my vision
Soundless nights to my ears.

In a corner all alone
Trying to breathe, trying to live
Feeling my skin crack and peal
Holding my dead rose tightly.

The blood paints its petals red
The stem turns to ash in my hands
I can feel my icy skin go rigid
As lava falls down my cheeks.

Tears burning
Eyes wet
Hands died
Life over.

Pain splitting my head in two
Screams leaving my mouth
Scratching at my throat to free myself.

Free myself from this prison.

I have fears
I am scared
I am scarred.

Nobody cares to listen to me
Dead eyes watch them all day
They never notice
How hollow I feel.

How all alone I feel
Painting my skin red
With my own crimson.

Game over.