I am merely a background character
I add colour to it
I don't stick out in a crowd
Nobody looks at me twice.

I feel alone at times
Even though I'm surrounded
They say they can help and know how to cheer me up
Even when I tell them they can't.

I feel like they don't know me
That I don't know myself
That I'm merely colour in the corner of your eye
Nothing that's in its spotlight.

If I went nobody would notice
All that would be gone would be colour.
I'm not important enough for a spotlight
And I'd hate to be put in one.

I'm used to the darkness that surrounds me
That thing that lets me blend in
The fact that nobody will stare at me
Or that they know my name.

I help my friends when they need it
But ask nothing in return.
Sometimes I catch myself thinking I don't deserve help
That I should suffer alone.

What good would that do?
All alone in the world
With nothing to say to no one.
Only the darkness that surrounds me
Still and quiet
Knows my pain.

Here I am, in the background,
In my dark and cracked corner,
Curled up and hugging my dead rose,
Thanking God again and again for the solitude I have been given.