Wrapping his big muscular arms around her tinny waist and pulled her slowly off the bar. Kissing the bare skin of her shoulders, nipping a trail up to her ear. " You look so eatable my love." He spoke gently in her ear. holding her warm body close while he moved to the couch and laid her onto her back and moved in between her knees.

"oh baby please stop teasing me." shivers ran up her back as his large, heated fingers trailed up the insides of her thighs and pulled at the edge of her pantie line. "Pleaseeeee!" she whimpered out as a smirk ran across his face as he kissed a path past her breast down her stomach and bites the lace of her panties and started to move them down. When he got them to the middle of her thighs he slipped his hands under them and pulled them completely off. "hey why i'm i the only one naked it's not fair." a now flashed face caused he's growing groan to push against the zipper of his pant's and he was starting to think she was right but he was having fun watching her scram under his touch.

"you said i can do it my way so just breath and roll with the flow love." stopping at the top of her sweet spot. Blowing a short breathe of cold air on her now juicy pussy. "it's nice and wet i wonder if taste as good as it looks." i chuckle passed his lips and rumbled over her cilt as he flicked his tongue between the soft folds.

a mixer of whimpers and moans filled the air of the living room as he slowly and envyingly licking up all the juices that his love was making because of him. "Damn babe if you keep this up i'll have to just pounded right into you-" a groan left his lips as the bulge in his pant's started to hurt even more, but slowly he felt it get lose and he noticed she had done had her fingers quickly undoing his belt and zipper and now the only thing left was the button, but he wasn't ready. "- no you don't-" taking his belt and tied it around her wrist then placing them around his neck making sure she can't break the last string of control he had.