Diary of Days

Chapter 1: Red Tears: When does suffering starts?

"Not everyone is lucky enough to live everyday. Sometimes, when sorrow and pain comes our your way, we pefer to die rather to suffer more. When does suffering comes and ends?"

Aiyame's POV

It was a simple and quiet life for me, but, I can't remember those times that I smile and laugh for real like other kids of my age. I do never remember when there was my parents who support me neither carry me on their shoulder as we walk to school. What I was wondering was, when was the last time that I do feel that I exist?

It was already sunset and I was playing with my doll inside my room. I was delighted to have my only doll along with me, whom I shared my thoughts and emotions. I smile as I look at my doll because its lips curved like a smile; I guess, I was trying to imitate how it smile to know how it feels and maybe to practice myself. My smile fades away so fast as I saw my mom. My eyes grew wide and the happy feeling turns into a horrorific feeling. She hits me with something but I still have my consciousness; she pulled my hair and dragged me to the living room and I saw hell in her. She beats me to a pulp; I begged to her to stop but she didnt even paying attention. She keeps on hitting, kicking and pulling my hair like she's enjoying it. And I was crawling but she stomped my hands and I cried in pain.

I felt so weak and numb; I can't even move a single leg. I lose my consciouness for a while but, I managed to open my eyes slightly and held my forehead, and, I was horrified to see stains blood in my hand; my vision was red and everything that I see around me was red. I felt chills to my spines and froze; I start to wail so softly as I crawled myself out to reach for the door. What is this? Why everything turns dark? Why is that...?

I woke up to a place where darkness rules every corner. I tried to stand but, there were chains in my hands, neck and feet; it seems that I was placed in an old small stockroom with no roofs at all. I only remembered that something hit my head and I lose consciousness; I rubbed it gently but it really hurts. While rubbing mmy head, I saw some holes and I saw the moon as its light pass through those holes. I saw a mirror just in front of me and, I felt so shocked to see myself; there was blood stains on my forehead and in my hand. I can still feel my body pain; I saw bruises and wounds that are still fresh. I went into silence for a while and my tears fell down to my cheeks. I completely lose myself that night; I was still breathing but I was even more look like dead.

The shine and hopes that my eyes have have been replaced with dead ones, it can't even recognize anything. The cold wind of the night makes my wounds hurt more and all I could do is to cry until I grew tired and fall asleep covering my body with my arms to feel warm. The days were much more like a living hell; most of the days, I starved to hunger and I deal with rain. There's nothing that I could do; I want to shout outt and called to someone but, I realized that, I have no name to call out for and that's the time that I entirely lose hope...